word table with dividers

How to separate lines in a word table

Create a new word document that you need to use and open it.



Method 1:

Open it and click on the Insert menu above.



Then click on the Shape option in the page that opens, and in the page that appears click on the straight line below the line.



Then draw a straight line as directly as you need to, so that you can also insert dividers.



Method 2:

Type — where you need to enter a separator line and enter.



After entering, you can see that a separator line has appeared, so you can also insert a separator line.



To enter a double separator, you can enter 3 =’s and then enter, so you can see that a double separator has been entered.



word form in the middle of how to add a dividing line

The following is the specific method of adding a dividing line:

2, in the emergence of a new window to check the “dividing line” can be, as shown in the figure, check the completion of the click on the “OK” Effective settings.

3, the above settings are completed word a page of paper is divided into two parts of the left and right, there is a division line in the middle.

Cutting line has a picture of the dividing line and symbols of the dividing line, there are vertical and horizontal.

word form how to add a division line

This video demonstration model: Surface3, applicable system: Windows8.1 Professional, software version: Word2016;

Open a [word] document, in the word enter three [-] key, and then click on [enter], three minus sign into a single solid line division line, the Enter three [=] in the document, and then click [Enter];

Equal to the number becomes a double solid line dividing line, enter three [#] keys in the document, click [Enter], the well key becomes a triple horizontal dividing line, these are quick ways to add a dividing line in the document;

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