wps open excel macro settings

wps enable macros where to set

In the EXCEL form must be set up to enable macros, only four simple steps can be achieved, the specific method of operation is as follows.

Tools / raw materials: Mechanical Revolution S3Pro, Windows 10, Excel20212108

1, click on Options

2, set the Trust Center

Left click on the “Trust Center”, the right click on the “Trust Center Settings” button.

3, click on Macro Settings

Pop-up window, click on the left side of the “Macro Settings”, the right side of the check box “Enable all macros” and “Trust access to the VBA project object model. access to the VBA Project Object Model” on the right.

4, click View

Click OK, return to the worksheet, click on the menu bar, “View”, click Macro, scroll down and select “Record Macro” to enable the macro function.

WPS form to enable the macro function of the method of steps (2)

In the wps presentation in the use of macro features

The first step: Start WPP, in the first page insert five text boxes, enter the contents of the selection, set the text font, font size, color.

In the wps presentation in the use of macro functions in Figure 1

Step 2: Press the key combination ALT + F11, enter the code editor window, click “Insert – Module”, enter the following code, and then close the code window.

Steps to use macros in wps presentation 2


MsgBox(“Wrong answer, keep trying!”)



MsgBox(“Correct answer, you’re smart!”)


Step 3: Select option A, right-click and select the “Action Settings” command to open the “Action Settings” window, check “Run Macro”, select the option named “Run Macro”, and select the option named “Run Macro”. “, select the macro named “cuo”, click “OK” button.

Step 3 of using macros in wps presentation

Similarly, set the remaining three options.

Step 4: Select the first slide, click “Insert – Slide Copy” 9 times to enter the slides, replace the contents of the multiple choice questions.

Steps to use the macro function in wps presentation Figure 4

Step 5: Go back to the first slide, select the correct A option, right-click to select the “Action Settings” command,

Steps to use the macro function in wps presentation Figure 5

Check the “Run Macro” box. “Run Macro”, select the macro named “i”, click “OK” button.

Similarly, set the correct options for the rest of the page.

Step 6: Test save.

When you open it again, there will be a “Security Warning”, click the “Enable Macros” button to make it work.

Steps to use the macro function in wps presentation Figure 6

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