3.25÷11 retain two decimal places

What is the vertical formula for 4.58 ÷ 11 retaining two decimal places

4.58 ÷ 11 = 4.58/11 ≈ 0.42

Vertical formula








25.4 ÷ 0.11 Vertical try to calculate the result and keep two decimal places?

Vertical operation process 2540000÷11

Solution idea: will be divided by each digit from the high digit of the number of divisors to divide the number of digits, each calculation of the quotient retained, the remainder of the number of digits added to the next operation, and so on the order of the number of divisors so digits of the operation is complete, the quotient of the sequential combination of the residue for the last operation

Solution process:

Step 1: 25 ÷ 11 = 2 remainder is: 3

Solution process:

Step 2: 25 ÷ 11 = 2 remainder is: 3

Solution process:

Solution process:

Based on the above calculations, the combination of the steps results in the quotient is 230909, the remainder is 1, because the divisor is expanded by 1000 times, so the quotient is 230.90, the remainder is 0.001

Checking: 230.9×0.11+0.001=25.4

Expanded information [Checking results]: The four rules of arithmetic The rules (in order to calculate, multiply and divide first, add and subtract, have parentheses first count parentheses, have multiplication first count multiplication) that is, disjunctive operations (recursive equation calculation) need to be carried out under the premise of the principle

Solution process:

230.9 × 0.11 + 0.001

=25.399 + 0.001


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