Access database networking

How to access ACCESS database through the network (Internet)?

Yes, you can, but you will have problems accessing it this way, ACCESS is in an exclusive form, when that side is in use, your side can only read-only, if you do not know how to program which I’ll teach you a simple way:

In the LAN range of the computer at random to install a SQLServer

With the ACCESS LAN range of a new connection table, let the connection table to link to the SQLServer table, which teaches the network connection table

Then the network connection table to link to the SQLServer table. A connection table, so that the connection table to link the SQLServer table, which teaches the network connection table

Then in the LAN range of your ACCESS can be used as a client arbitrarily, SQLServer has become a data server, the prerequisite SQLServer computer is open, and open the user’s access rights.

How to connect access database


First make sure that Aess and the development tool VisualStudio are correctly installed, if not installed then you need to download the relevant software to install it, VisualStudio does not limit your version, 2012, 2008 or whatever.


Then right click on a disk drive to create an aess file, for example, I created a aaa.adb, note that Aess07 before you create the words suffix are .mdb and 07 and 10 versions of the suffix has been .adb. This is something you need to familiarize yourself with, as the different extensions affect the following connections.


Then we add a data table (tb_test) in Aess, add a few columns of content, as follows:


Open VisualStudio, create a new Winform form, and put a button button on the form, and then the rest of it is to write the method of clicking the button.


After clicking the button, all we have to do is to connect to the database, and then query the database for the new table we just created, and assign it to a DataSet. let’s see how to connect first. To connect, we need to use a connection string, which is related to the suffix we mentioned above. Note that .mdb and .adb are connected differently, as follows:

stringConStr_Adb=@”Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;DataSource=F:aaa.adb;PersistSecurityInfo= False;”;



Splicing a good connection string, the following is to establish a connection to obtain data, which I will not say more, the code screenshot as a whole is as follows:


Written after you run after the following error may be reported: not registered on the local computer microsoft.ace.12.0. This is due to a lack of drivers in the computer caused by go to the official website to download and install can be

This is due to a lack of drivers in the computer to download and install can be

This is due to a lack of drivers in the local computer. This is caused by the lack of drivers in the computer, go to the official website to download and install them


To connect to the Aess database here on the end of the explanation of the method, we are using net, you if you use another language, the steps are the same, just change the way to connect to the new can be.


How to connect a website to an ACCESS database (access to a mysql database)

Do a “conn.asp” file, and call this file every time you connect to the database


response. buffer=true’Enable buffering



db=”%%%%%%%%%%%%.mdb”‘Database link path

connstr=”DBQ=”server.mappath(“”&amp ;db&””)”;DefaultDir=;DRIVER={MicrosoftAessDriver(*.mdb)};”






Response.Write “There was an error connecting to the database, please check the database parameter settings in the database connection file.”





server_v1=left(Cstr(Request. (“HTTP_REFERERER”)),server_vv)


ifserver_v1<>server_ v2orserver_v1=””orserver_v1=””then







May I ask: Can Access databases be operated over the Internet?

Sure you can.

As long as the ACCESS in a shared folder, in the database menu of the Tools – & gt; Options – & gt; Advanced – & gt; default open mode is set to share that can be, other users can be used at the same time with you, but it is best to split the database. Divided into the foreground and background database to run.

ACCESS database extranet connection

ODBC database can be realized, the SQLServer database port 1433 mapping to the external network, and then through the extranet address to do the ODBCSQLServer link table, so that the ACCESS can be common to the whole network.

A safer way would be to have a virtual LAN, turning the extranet into an intranet.

Access database how to connect to the network

You can use folder sharing, but read and write permissions. Also if there are too many people accessing at the same time more than 10 may cause errors in the database file.

There is another way is to establish a service on the machine where the ACCESS file is located, the other machine to send the additions and deletions of instructions must be carried out through the service, so that in the view of the ACCESS, access to it is only a service program a program. And in the view of online users, they are facing a network database. This can even be the database through the Internet to the global distribution. This should be a better way. Just the service program itself to be programmed.