Add a row to a word table

How to add rows in Word tables?

[Answer]: First, the insertion point to add the location of the last line or the next line in any one cell.

Method 1: open the “Form” menu, as needed, select “Insert” under the “line (at the top)” or “line (at the bottom)” sub-command. below)” sub-command.

Method 2: The use of “Forms and Borders” toolbar “Insert Line” button, you can insert the insertion point of the line above the insertion of a new line.

(Note: If you want to use this button in the form of the last column to add a column, you can insert the insertion point placed in the form of rows of any paragraph mark before, and then use this button; if you select a number of consecutive rows of cells, you can use the above two methods to insert the corresponding number of rows.)

Method 3: If you want to add a new line under a line, you can first insert the insertion point in this line after the table before the paragraph markers, and then enter.

Method 4: Place the entry and exit points in the last cell in the lower right corner of the table, press the Tab key can be added at the bottom of a new line.

(Note: the insertion point will be placed in the form of any cell, in turn, select “Form” ¡ú “Delete” ¡ú “Form”, you can delete the entire form.)

word form how to add a word form how to add a line

1, first of all, the simplest way is to position the cursor to the first form of the forefront, and then press the Enter key on the keyboard, so that the form can be more than an empty line above, but many people think that only the cursor will be positioned throughout the form of the forefront of the line, in fact, the cursor is at this time can not be positioned in front of the form.

2, in addition, you can also select the entire form, and then hold down the shortcut key shift + Ctrl + enter, so you can also add a line out of the form of the front of the blank line.

3, if the form is relatively large, it is not convenient to select the whole thing, you can also use the method of inserting columns, the mouse cursor will be positioned in the form of the first line anywhere, and then click on the toolbar’s “Page Layout” – “Separator”.

4, click on the right side of the delimiter triangle drop-down button, and then select the “Columns”, the same can also be in the form of the front to add a blank line.

5, if the form is not much, if you use the method of cutting the form is also possible, select the entire form after clicking the right mouse button “cut”, insert a line after the paste it in.

word form how to add a line

Word in the table to increase a line of the method is more, can be through the toolbar above the [Insert] option, above or below the table to add a line; you can also move the cursor to the lower right corner of the table outside, use the [Enter] key; can also be achieved through the form of the edge of the [+] sign to add.

The following is a detailed introduction:

1, select one of the rows, right-click [Insert], as needed, select [Insert Row Above] or [Insert Row Below], and then added a line;

2, move the cursor outside the form of the return character at the Enter key, also be able to add a new line, but It should be noted that the cursor position to be outside the form, if the form is just a new line for the cell, will not increase a line of cells;

3, move the mouse to the left edge of the form line, to be turned into a circle with a plus sign, click to add a line. There are also some Word or WPS, when the mouse to move to the table can be below and to the right of the table box appears a [+] sign, press the bottom of the [+] sign is to increase a line, the right side of the [+] sign is to increase a column.