ascii code to decimal number

ASCII code is how to convert to decimal

1, the letters of the alphabet is character-based, ASCII decimal, so only need to convert character-based to decimal, in the output function to force the conversion of the type.

2, the weight of each bit from left to right is 16 to the nth power, n is the bit number from left to right, starting from 0. Convert to decimal that is, multiply all the values corresponding to the value with the nth power of 16 and then add it.

3, if it is said to be the character ‘2’, direct 2-0 can get the decimal 2. If you directly use the ASCII code value of 50, you can inti; charc=0i=50-(int)c, the same can get the decimal 2.

ASCII code how to and decimal numbers converted to each other

1) ASCII code to decimal that is, according to the binary to decimal method, according to the power to expand the sum. [1]

Example: 0110110b

To decimal = 0*2^6+1*2^5+1*2^4+0*2^3+1*2^2+1*2^1+0*2^0=54

2)Decimal integer to binary number: “Divide 2 to get the remainder, in reverse order ” (divide by two and take the remainder)[1]

ASCII (AmericanStandardCodeforInformationInterchange) is a system of computer coding based on the Latin alphabet. [2]


[1]– 7lcVBw8TlmEHqoxJdOPMkuLIABgAz48ZbqybIFLwtWnHVkZGKUpIurUpza

[2] bcWcMdvPdej9fVlBaNrRAeQsQDcf9oxqkvE2hwg7JXtYZaZx8fD0sWPN1V2kRNScUsSAm-oxaZyatIcStloPxUS- FwEAVcSCwIJLFcW5bTbJ6uFkWgxxJslyKGE9qRFYg2Ymv15yji-4j8YBy0Dul_

How to convert ASCII to decimal

The ascii code itself is a decimal number.

The computer converts the ascii code to binary.

The number 69 in ascii converted to decimal is?

It is 69.

In the arrangement of the ASCII code table, the characters A through Z, the lowercase a through z, and the digits 0 through 9, are all in order, so if A is 65, then B is 66, C is 67, D is 68, and E is 69.

Standard ASCII code uses 7 binary digits (with the remaining 1 binary digit being a 0) to represent all uppercase and lowercase letters, the numbers 0 through 9, punctuation, and special control characters used in American English.

Extended information:

The 0th to 31st characters (the first 32 characters) and the 127th character (the last character) in the ASCII code are invisible (cannot be displayed), but they all have some special function, so they are called ControlCharacter or FunctionCode. FunctionCode.)

There are 33 control characters mostly associated with communications, data storage, and older devices, some of which have changed meaning in modern computers.

Some of the control characters require some computer skills to understand, so beginners can skip them and choose the easy ones to understand.