Cells in word tables

How to add cells in word has been designed in the table?

Punch card word document, position the cursor to the need to insert the cell location of the adjacent cells, here in order to facilitate the positioning of the cursor to the black cells, as shown:

2. Selected cells, find the [Layout] tab under the [Rows and Columns] group to select the insertion method, as shown:

7. Click [rows and columns] under the expansion of the button, pop-up [Insert Cells] dialog box, select the desired insertion method.

word in the table how to individually adjust the size of a cell?

Adjustment method is as follows:

1, open word document, the document has a form. I demonstrated a simple example to demonstrate the steps.

The cursor is placed in the cell to adjust the size of the left inside, the cursor is a short black arrow, the direction of the arrow pointing to the right,

Then, the left mouse button point down, the cursor where the cell that is selected, the grid is black.

2, if this cell is to expand to the right, the cursor on the right side of the border, point and hold, move to the right. To the right position and then release the mouse. Then, point in other locations, the black cell that is eliminated, the cell that is expanded.

3, it is important to note that the selected cells can not be expanded upwards, point and hold the cell above the border to move up only the entire line of the upward squeeze, will only squeeze the last line of the small, but the selected cells have not been expanded.

4, when the cursor is living in the cell below the border, point to move down, is the selected cell where the entire line can be expanded, note that the entire line, and not only the selected cell to expand down.

5, so the expansion of the cell can only be expanded to the left or right.

6, the same, reduce the cell is the same operation. Selected cells, the cursor in the left border or right border point and hold, to move inside the cell, that is, to narrow the cell.

Word in the method of inserting tables – split, merge cells

word how to split and merge cells? Many people will not, I will teach you below.


First of all, we open a word document with a form;


We click on the first cell, and then right-click to select the split cell;


The interface pops up, we click on OK;


The results are shown in the figure, so that it will be split cells;


Merging cells is relatively simple! We selected two cells, and then right-click to select the merged cell;


Results as shown in the figure, so that the merged cell.