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Banner Usage for Cisco Routing

Configuring the Tagline

In global configuration mode, configure the message-of-the-day (motd) tagline. Use the delimiter “#” at the beginning and end of the message. The delimiter can be used to configure a multi-line tagline, as shown below.







Good security planning should include proper configuration of the tagline. At a minimum, the tagline should warn against unauthorized access. Never configure a tagline like Welcome Unauthorized Users.

How to Configure the Message of the Day Tagline in Cisco

Configuration Mode

bannermotd “Your Tagline”

Cisco router set time, warning information and port information method method

We configure the basic security password protection for the router, there are still some basic information about the router needs to be configured, such as logging on to the router is the user can see the router tagline information and description of the information. Next is my collection of Cisco router set time, warning information and port information method method, I hope to help you.  Cisco router set time, warning messages and port information method method: 1, if we want all the administrators of the company in the login router is to see a warning message: the command process is as follows





Yong1# exit

The next time you log into the router to enter user mode (>) you will see the warning message we set above.

2. We can also configure a description for each port to indicate what the port is used for or the next hop (i.e. where the connection goes).

Yong1(config)#’Enter configuration mode before commands are omitted

Yong1(config)#interfacegigabitethernet0/0’Enter the gigabitethernet0/0 port configuration mode




Yong1#showinterfacegigabitethernet0/0 ‘Show information about port gigabitethernet0/0’

3. For router Configure local time



4 By default the router, when we hit the wrong command, it will treat the wrong command as a name to be resolved. This process is time-consuming. So we need to turn off command parsing

Let’s take a look at the state before we turn it off: this process takes a few tens of seconds

After connecting the router to the computer with a console cable, booting up the router, and connecting it to the router’s console with putty, we recommend that you configure the router’s hostname (the “router”). The hostname of the router for easy identification, and configure the privileged mode (enable) password and the vty (telnet) password to protect the router.

The privileged mode passwords for Cisco routers are categorized as plaintext and encrypted passwords. It is recommended here to configure encrypted passwords directly because the plaintext passwords can be seen directly through the showrunning_configure command

Setting up the enable plaintext password

Router>enable’user mode into privileged mode

Router#configureterminal’from privileged mode into global configuration mode

Router( config)#hostnameyong1’Router name changed to Yong1

Yong1(config)#enablepasswordguoyong’Set privileged password to guoyong


Yong1(config)#exit’Enter privileged view from global configuration view

Yong1#exit’Return to user mode


For wifi environment, please click the following link to watch the demo

Privileged Mode Plaintext Password Setting

Setting enable encrypted password (nothing related to the above command)

Router>enable ‘User Mode into privileged mode

Router#configureterminal ‘Enter global configuration mode from privileged mode

Router(config)#hostnameyong1 ‘Router name changed to Yong1

Yong1(config)#enablesecretguoyong ‘Set the privileged password to guoyong

Yong1(config)#exit ‘Enter privileged view from global configuration view to privileged view

Yong1#exit ‘Return to user mode


For wifi environment please click the following link to watch the demo

Encrypted password for privileged mode

Setting vty line password (to control telnet login)


Yong1#conft’conft’ is short for configureterminal

Yong1(config)#vtyline0-4’encrypt vty0-4 five lines

Yong1(config_line)#passwordyongguo’set telnet password yongguo


Yong1(config_line)#end’Exit port configuration mode


< p>

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