Computer starts up with a black screen and restarts normally

The computer is black screen as soon as I turn on the computer, but a few more times to turn on the computer, it will be fine, what is the matter?

A, in the computer startup moment can see the screen with the word windows, but into the system after the black screen.

Solution: the resolution of the computer system settings are not correct, commonly found in the laptop reinstallation of the system is incorrectly set up after the unsupported resolution caused by the recommended external monitor, adjusted to the lowest resolution and then enter the system.

Two, the computer has been no display.


1, check whether the monitor and computer connecting cable is installed tightly.

2, remove the computer memory stick to pen eraser to wipe the gold finger and put it back (gold finger oxidation leads to poor contact with the memory stick will cause the computer to boot up the black screen)

3, replace the memory stick, graphics card, monitor, connecting cable to diagnose the problem.

Recommendation: black screen for many reasons, it is best to send the computer after-sales processing.

Black screen

Computer black screen is more prone to phenomena, especially in some of the older computers or assembly computer. There are various reasons for computer black screen failure, such as monitor damage, motherboard damage, graphics card damage, poor graphics card contact, power supply damage, cpu damage, parts and components of the temperature is too high. There are also man-made causes of computer black screen, such as Microsoft China’s genuine verification.

boot black screen how to do, reboot and can go in, what is the reason?


Ensure that there is no CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive, make sure that there is no checking of the USB flash drive or other peripherals, and if the above operation does not solve the problem, set up the first boot for the system disk to boot up, which is as follows:

1, restart the computer, and in the boot interface.

2. Keep tapping F2 on the keyboard until you enter the BIOS interface.

3. Turn the tab to boot.

4. Set the system disk as the first boot in the EFI.

5. After the setup is complete, go to exit.

6. Select the first item, press enter, select the default yes to enter and save, the system automatically reboots and the problem is solved.

Reasons for computer boot black screen rebootand

A, boot boot misbehavior in the computer startup, the computer may be plugged into a USB flash drive or other devices, but also may be the CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive. Because the PC can boot from the hard disk, external USB flash drive, CD-ROM drive, etc., when the PC before booting up the USB flash drive plugged in or CD-ROM drive in the CD-ROM drive, this failure may occur.

Two, the hard disk interface cable is loose due to the system can not find the hard disk will also lead to this failure, this may be due to the hard disk interface cable is loose. It is possible that the hard disk is not inserted properly after the removal of the dust, or a long time of use leads to loose.