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Book name: Data Structures and Algorithmic Analysis (C++ Edition) (Second Edition)

Author: [US]Clifford A.Shaffer

Translator: Zhang Ming

Douban rating: 7.1

Publisher: Electronic Industry Press

Publication year: 2002-6

Pages: 327


This book uses the object-oriented C++ language, which is the most popular language used by programmers, to describe the data structures and algorithms, and organically combines the principles of data structures and algorithmic analysis techniques, and systematically introduces the various types of data structures and algorithms. The book systematically introduces various types of data structures and various methods of sorting and retrieval. The author pays great attention to analyzing and comparing different storage methods and related algorithms for each type of data structure. The book also introduces some more advanced data structures and advanced algorithmic analysis techniques, and introduces the general knowledge of computability theory. An important improvement in this edition is the introduction of parameterized templates, which improves the generality of data types in algorithms and supports efficient code reuse. With clear concepts, strong logic, and novel content, this book can be used as a textbook and reference book for students of computer software majors and computer application majors in colleges and universities, as well as for computer engineers and technicians.

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