Desktop computer wireless network card how to network

How do I connect my desktop computer with a wireless network card?

To connect to a wireless network, you need to make sure your desktop computer has a wireless card. If your desktop computer doesn’t come with a pre-installed wireless card, you can connect in several ways:

1. Install a wireless card slot: Some desktops have a PCIe or PCI slot on the motherboard, and you can purchase and install a wireless card slot. After installation, connect the antenna to the wireless card.

2. Use a USB wireless adapter: Purchase a USB wireless adapter and plug it into a USB port on your desktop computer. This adapter usually comes with an antenna.

3. Use a wireless bridge: If your router is too far away from your desktop computer to connect directly, you might consider using a wireless bridge. A wireless bridge converts wireless signals into wired signals and connects them to your desktop computer via Ethernet.

4. Using powerline communication: You can buy a set of powerline communication adapters, connect one of them to your wireless router, and plug the other into the power outlet where your desktop computer is located. This method uses power lines to transmit network signals to the desktop computer.

After connecting to your wireless network, make sure your desktop computer’s wireless card is enabled and connected to your wireless network through your operating system’s network settings.

How to connect a desktop wireless card

Just plug in the wireless card first, update the driver software, and then connect the SSID in Network and Sharing in the heart

First, insert the USB wireless card into the computer’s USB port, the system will detect the new hardware, and then select the wireless card in Device Manager, right-click, update the driver software, and select the driver installation. After installing the driver, connecting to the wireless network is simple. We open the Network and Sharing Center, where all the SSIDs searched for will be displayed, select your SSID and click Connect, enter the wifi password, and you can use the wireless network card to access the Internet. The use of wireless network card is so simple, we can feel free to use the wireless network, the Internet is more convenient.

Wireless card is to make the computer can use wireless to access the Internet a device, but with a wireless card is not enough, in addition to the need for a wireless network can be connected, if the home or location of the wireless router or wireless AP coverage, you can through the wireless card to access the Internet. So how does it install and use it? Here are some specific steps for you.

Desktop computer how to connect the wireless card

Connection method is as follows:

1, find the computer on the usb socket, the wireless card into the usb socket, at that time, the computer will automatically recognize the driver of the wireless card.

2. After inserting the usb, the run dialog box will pop up automatically, click the dialog box to run.

3, click run, the card driver will be installed, wait for the installation is complete.

4, after the installation is complete, return to the desktop, click My Computer.

5. In My Computer, find the driver you just installed and double-click to open it.

6. After clicking on the driver, double-click on the application to install it.

7, after the installation of the card is complete, the computer will appear in the lower right corner of the corresponding icon, click on the icon, the network connection is good.