excel summation with decimal point error

EXCEL summing error! Error after the decimal point?

Reason: In Excel for the calculation in the computer is converted to binary into the calculation and then retain the value, so there will be errors. Solution:

1, open excel table, in cell A1, enter the number “2.88”, in cell B1, enter the number “5.89”.

2, in cell C1 enter the formula: = (ROUND (A1,2)) + ROUND (B1,2), meaning that the use of the ROUND function to ensure that the decimal places for 2.

3, click enter to generate the function formula results, the value of “8.77”.

4, copy the C1 cell, right-click in C2, select “Paste Values”.

5, after the paste, you can see that the calculated value is displayed after the decimal point of two, there is no error.

Why excel sum down the decimal point is not correct at the end?

There may be many cases, but it will not be incorrect

Because your summing area may not show all the decimals, you retained 2 decimals to participate in the operation is not the number.

For example, if there is a number in the sum area that is 2/3, it looks like 0.67 to you, but it’s actually 0.66666… If there are a lot of numbers like that, you will get an error.

Also you check to see if display precision is checked in the options.

In excel, when applying the summation formula, there will be an error after the decimal point, how to solve this problem?

If there is an error in just the summation, it should be that the data displayed in your cell is not the actual number.

You can set the data decimal places to 3.

You can also check the box of “Display Precision” in Tools – Options – Recalculate.

Excel form why the number of digits after the decimal point to sum up the number of incorrect (for example, 0.6 + 0.8 sum is 1.5?)

1, the solution is actually very simple to 3.2000 the value of the example of the form, enter the value of the form, first we have to click to select the form.

2, and then right-click on the form, in the pop-up drop-down list, click on “set cell formatting”.

3, in the pop-up “cell format” dialog box, on the left side of the selected “numerical” option, the right side of the “number of decimal places” to 4 (). that is, the display of the first four decimal places).

4, click “OK” after the completion of the work, and then we go back to the Excel form, you will find that the “3.20” has become the value we want to “! 3.2000”.