excel text box is missing

excel table edit box is missing how to deal with?


Open the excel application software, as shown in the figure below, you can edit and enter the function of the box is gone.

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Tap the office button, as shown in the figure below, select “excel options”.

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In the excel options panel that opens, click on the “Advanced” option content, as shown in the figure.

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In the right side of the contents of the option to scroll down, find the “Display” tab under the “Edit Columns”, in front of the check box, click OK, as shown.

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Then back to the interface you can see the edit bar. It is shown in the image below.

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Or choose “View” in the menu, and then in the “Show/Hide” tab, check the “Edit bar” in front.

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excel do a good job of saving the form and then open, the border inside what disappeared

excel do a good job of saving the form and then open, the border inside what disappeared

You should be generated from the 2003 version of this file (previous documents or copy from someone else), and your computer is now loaded with a version of the 2007, in fact, is a compatibility problem! The problem is actually a compatibility issue. If you are around people with more 2003, we recommend that you install back to 2003, edit and save; if you are around people with more 2007, we recommend that you open from 2007, create a new re-save.

excel save and open the table again the outer box disappeared!

Check your file extension is not .doc format, or .docx, whether the installed 2003, WPS and other incompatible phenomena, if the file extension is docx, then you need to open the advanced version. Generally speaking, it is the 07 version of things, the 2003 version is not open or will be automatically converted

Additionally Excel.xlb template file is saved by default in, C:\WINDOWS\ApplicationData\Microsoft\Excel. Delete and then open, do not worry about it, excel will be automatically generated by the default template

You use the Excel.xlb template file, you can use it to create the template. /p>

Did you use 360 to patch the vulnerability? If it is really a vulnerability problem, you can choose to uninstall the patch about office, patching system vulnerabilities and office is not related

2007 and higher versions of EXCEL dealt with the suffix name of .xls 97-2003 compatible version of the EXCEL file, the standard symptom of its save and reopen ah!

To ensure that the original format must remain unchanged, you must be in the processing of the file, use Save As to save the file as a .xlsx suffix EXCEL workbook can be

Not supposed to, but you can set up again, it’s very simple.

You print a preview to see if you have.

EXCEL I set up a good border to save, and then re-open the EXCEL form, the border is not there

Possibility 1, you did not save

Possibility 2, there are clear formatting macros running, try to set the macro security to the highest level, to prohibit all macros running

word form after saving the border disappeared

Your word may be a pirated version.

Your word may be a pirated version.

excel2007 version, the table after saving and then open the formatting all disappeared, only the text and data.

excel207 start/style may have problems, too much invalid customization.


You can use VBA to delete custom cell styles in bulk:

1. Press Alt+F11 to open the VBA editor, enter the following code in the code window:







2. Close the VBA editor and return to the Excel interface. Press Alt + F8, open the “Macro” dialog box, the implementation of the “DelCustomStyles” macro can be deleted at a time all the custom cell styles, while the built-in cell styles will be retained.

My Excel2007 form in the save close and then open suddenly formatting all gone, digital text are there is formatting as well as the border are gone!

Save as xlsx can be saved successfully, save as xls will not be, is the problem of compatibility. You may be installed at the same time the two versions of 2007 and 2003, there is a conflict between them, 2007 is best to use the green version, or install compatibility patches.

Is this OK?

excel in the pivot table after saving and then open, filtering disappeared

With the 2007 version or 2010 version will not have this situation, you said the problem may be a good pivot table with a high version, save the 2003 version of the 2003 version, the 2003 version of Excel will be missing some features Oh, it is recommended to upgrade it.

why my word document editing and saving and then open, the text box inside the letters and numbers have disappeared

may be some problems with the software version of the software to produce some bugs, you can download and install other versions of the software

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Seek guidance from excel experts: text box is not displayed, will print out the problem.

1. view there is no hidden rows or columns, find the method: adjacent rows or columns number is not consecutive then there is hidden.

2. Changed to paging preview, you can also see where the page with data, method: in the toolbar, select [View], and then select the [paging preview] can be seen in the print page with data.