Extra horizontal line in word table

WORD inside the table cells appear in a horizontal line, how can I remove?

1, if just generated, there will be a lightning bolt symbol next to the line, this time click, there will be “undo border line”,

2, and then select the line will be deleted, and then you can also choose to “stop the automatic creation of border lines “, so that it will not be in the generation of such deletion can not be removed from the horizontal line. Or please directly Ctrl + Z to resume the previous step can be.

3. If this horizontal line has been generated at this time, it can not be canceled inside the lightning symbol. We can then choose “Clear Format” at the top of the previous line of the horizontal line.

4, and then if word2003, please enter the menu “Format”, “Style and Format”, select Clear Format. So that the following line of the horizontal line was deleted. The world from a clean! (Points, be sure to operate in the line before the line).

5, there is a way, if there is no form in the document is very simple, direct Ctrl + A select the entire document, and then in the form of a border inside the choice of “frameless line” on it.

Why is there a horizontal line in a word document

There are usually several possible reasons for the appearance of a horizontal line in a Word document:

1. Paragraph borders: If you have set a border for a paragraph in your document and selected a horizontal line style, a horizontal line will be displayed below the paragraph. You can modify or remove this border by adjusting the paragraph formatting.

2. Divider: The divider in Word is used to create a horizontal line dividing the area in the document. You can add or remove this horizontal line through the Insert Divider function. In Word 2010 and later, you can find in the “Insert” tab of the “Divider” menu.

3. Horizontal Line Characters: Sometimes, you may enter a set of consecutive horizontal line characters in the text, such as “—–“. Word will automatically recognize it as a horizontal line and display it in the document.

4. Formatting Problems: Sometimes, horizontal lines in a document can be caused by formatting problems. You can try clearing the formatting of that text paragraph or the entire document and reapply the desired formatting.

If none of the above methods solve the problem, you can try to refer to Word’s manual or online resources, or seek help from Microsoft’s official support.

word insert form after the bottom of the excess of a horizontal line can not be removed, I do not know how?

This horizontal line is a paragraph border, delete method: select the paragraph (you must find the starting line of the paragraph, there may be more than one paragraph), Page Setup – Layout – Border, Border tab, apply to select the “paragraph” (which is necessary), the settings in the selection of “no”.