Headers for each page in a word table

word setup problem, how to set up printing every page with table header.

1, first of all, open the word insert form, fill in the table header title, as shown below.

2, select the blank form below, right mouse button – “Insert” – “Insert Cell”, as shown below.

3, and then in the open window, select the “active cell down”, click OK, as shown below.

4, then select the header cell, click “Form Tools” – “Layout” – “Repeat Header “, as shown in the following chart.

5, so that each page of the table header comes with a title, so that direct printing, it is done.

Word how to set the table header every page

This video demonstrates the model: Raytheon 911M Wild King, applicable system: Windows 10 Home Chinese Edition, software version: Word2019;

First of all, double-click on the desktop with the left mouse button, double-click on the desktop Word, open the form that needs to be dealt with in Word, long press the left button of the mouse to select the table in the first row of the header and then find the upper toolbar in the [Form Tools], select the lower [Layout], in the open menu bar, find the upper-right corner of the [Data] column, left mouse button click [Repeat the title line], each page will have a header;

Or first left mouse button click on the form of blank cells, and then click the right button of the mouse, the menu called out to select the [Form Properties], will open a Properties dialog box, click on the top of the [line], and then check the box, the bottom of the [repeated at the top of each page in the form of a title], and finally click [OK] can be returned to the document to find the first line of each page has a table header, if the title of the form of two lines, you need to check all, otherwise [repeat the title of the rows] option can not be clicked;

word how to make the table header in each page are displayed

First of all, open the document, click the menu bar “File” – “Page Setup”.

In the open Page Setup dialog box, switch to the “Worksheet” tab, and position the cursor to the “top header row”.

Then select the header you want to print on every page and click OK.

Then select File – Print Preview on the menu bar.

Then select “File” – “Print Preview” on the menu bar.