How to burn an image file to a USB flash drive

How to burn system iso to u disk|Burn u disk system installation disk method

I believe many people know that you can use the U disk to install the system, usually we will use the boot disk creation tool to make the U disk into a PE startup disk, in fact, we can not make PE startup disk, but the use of UltraISO operating system ISO burned to the U disk to make the system installation disk, then how to burn system iso to u disk? The first thing you need to do is to burn the system iso to a U disk. This side of the editor to teach you to burn U disk system installation disk method.

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One, the required tools

1, 4G capacity of the U disk

2, operating system: computer system download

3, the production of tools: UltraISO floppy disk pass 9.5 crack!

Second, the system iso burning to U disk steps are as follows

1, the first installation of UltraISO, and then right-click to open as administrator, click on the “File” – “Open”;

2, the system iso burning to U disk steps are as follows

3, the production tool: UltraISO Softdisk pass 9.5 crack version.

2, select the system ISO file to be burned to the U disk, open as shown in the figure;

3, click on the “Start” – “Write Hard Disk Image”;

4, in the interface directly click on “Write”;

5, in the “Write” interface, click on the “Write” button. The first thing you need to do is click on the “Write” button to write the image to your hard disk and wait for it to finish burning.

Burning the operating system iso to the U disk to create a system installation disk method is this, the steps are very simple, the need for users can learn.

How to burn iso to u disk

1, install ultraiso software;

2, open the UltraISO window, use it to open a Microsoft original CD-ROM ISO image;

3, click on the menu bar in the “boot” selection