How to check address and phone number by ip

What can be found through the cell phone ip

Through the cell phone ip can query the cell phone number and the location of the cell phone can also query the cell phone user’s personal identity information. However, the IP of the cell phone is confidential, so it is generally not possible to query.

IP, the full name of the Internet Protocol address, refers to the IP address, meaning the digital label assigned to the user to access the Internet using the Internet Protocol device. Commonly, IP addresses are divided into two categories, IPv4 and IPv6, but there are other, less common subcategories as well.An IP address is a uniform address format provided by the IP protocol, which masks differences in physical addresses by assigning a logical address to every network and every host on the Internet.

Can I find out my cell phone number from my IP address?

In general, you can’t. The IP address can only be used to display geolocation information, not cell phone numbers, and if you can do that, what kind of privacy is there to speak of?

But it also depends on the situation, the cell phone Internet each time is assigned a different IP, the ip belongs to a fixed number, in this range of random allocation, the operator will automatically record each allocation of data, including the time and location of the phone number, is certainly traceable. But as long as it is not jeopardizing national security and other particularly important things no one will go to check, but to check if the operator with the police is able to find out.

The Internet Protocol address (English: InternetProtocolAddress, also translated as the Internet Protocol address), abbreviated as IP address (IPAddress), is a unified address format provided by the IP protocol, which assigns a logical address to each network and each host on the Internet as a way of shielding physical address differences. differences.