How to check the physical address of your computer’s network card

How to check the MAC address of a network card



The physical address of a network card’s MAC is the “number solidified in the card” and is a 12-bit hexadecimal number.

1. If you bought a new NIC, an easy way to find out is to look at the label on the NIC, which is labeled with the physical address of the card.

2. If your computer is already installed, then the query method is determined by your operating system:

(1) windows operating system (95/98/NT): use the winipcfg.exe command

Use the run command in the start menu, then type winipcfg.exe command to see a window with the NIC type, IP address, MAC address, subnet mask and subnet gateway. <BR> Note: Select the type by choosing the network card, not the PPPadpter.

(2) UNIX system (linux/redhat): use the ifconfig command.

Note: The user must be the superuser of the system.

(3) NCSA system: use the network card driver command.

Type the driver command for the network card you are using in the command line, and some information will be displayed accordingly.

3. If you have more than one computer to use, then you can query each other:

First of all, use the ping command in Windows DOS or NCSA, ping through the corresponding computer, and then use the arp-a command to query the physical address of the ping machine’s MAC card.

Computer does not have a network card physical address query method?

If your computer does not have the physical address of the network card, you can follow the following steps to query:

1. In the Windows search box, type “cmd” to open the command prompt.

2. Type “ipconfig/all” in the command prompt window and enter.

3. Find the network adapter you want to query, it could be an Ethernet adapter, wireless LAN adapter, and so on. In the information page of this network adapter, you can see the value of “physical address”. This value is the physical address of the network adapter.

4. This physical address can be copied and recorded for use as needed. Please note that MAC addresses are unique and different hardware devices have different MAC addresses.

If you are unable to look up the physical address of the NIC at the command prompt, it may be because the NIC does not exist or has been corrupted. At this point, you can check Device Manager for driver errors or disabled network adapters. If necessary, reinstall or update the network card driver.