How to convert jpg to jpeg

How to convert photo jpg to jpeg format

Jpg image to jpeg format is as follows:

Tools: Huawei P40, EMUI10.1.0, PDF Convert 6.9.1.

1, first of all, open the PDF Convert app on your phone, and then click the “Small Functions” button in the navigation bar below and enter the home page. “Small Features” button and enter.

2. After entering the small features page, find the “Picture Conversion” section in the Features section, and then click the “Universal Picture Converter” button. After clicking, the phone will pull up the storage space, click to add the pictures that need to be converted.

3. After adding the pictures, click on “Convert Output Format” first.

4, in the many formats to find jpeg format, and then click “OK” can be.

5, after selecting the format of the converted image, we set the image according to the needs of the bottom of the “compressed sharpness” and “isometric modification of the width and height” of the value of the choice after the bottom click on the “Start” button. Start Conversion” button.