How to get rid of carriage returns in word tables

Insert a table in word text, the table will carry some carriage return symbols how to eliminate?

The carriage returns are used to hold this cell in place, and if cleared may cause the cell height to disappear, thus distorting the entire table. It can’t be cleared, but you can make it not show up.

Menu bar – > Tools – > Options – > View – “cancel the formatting mark in the paragraph mark before the check.

This way the carriage return character will not show up

word form how to delete the return character

Steps are as follows:

1. open word, select the form of the return character;

2. press the keyboard delete key can be deleted.

3. If you simply do not show the carriage return, click the office button, click the word option;

4. In the dialog box, select “Show”, check off the “paragraph markers “

5. Click OK to see the carriage return.