How to remove dotted lines from word tables

How to remove border dashes from word document?

Methods/steps to read in step-by-step



Open the word text with various dotted boxes.



Table dotted box, click on the logo in the top left corner of the table and select the table in full.



Click the border button in the paragraph and select no border.



Text dashes, select the dashes and press del to delete them.



Text box dashed box, select the text box and click the Shape Format button on the menu bar.



Click on the menu bar below the shape outline button, select no outline can be

office2010 to remove Word document border horizontal line method:

First, click the border menu. Select [Borders and Underlines]

and then select [Borders], and then check the [None] option, indicating that there is no need for a border.

Then select [Page Borders], again checking the [None] option, indicating that no page border is required.

Returning to the page, I found that the horizontal lines were hidden and the problem was successfully solved.

The problem was solved.

word form dotted line how to remove

1, first of all, open the Word document need to deal with, and then move the mouse to the Word form of the upper left corner of the place, there will be an icon, click on the icon, so as to select the need to set up the form.

2, and then, in the Start menu’s command bar to find the border, and click on the right side of the black triangle symbol, select the frameless line.

3, then, after clicking Wireless Borders, you will find that all the borders in the form become light gray dashed borders.

4. After that, in the sub-menu in the Form Tools above, click Show Dashed Lines.

5. Finally, after clicking Show Dashed Lines, the dotted lines in the Word form are removed.

word in the dotted line how to delete

word document in the dotted line is mainly divided into “ordinary dotted line, the form of dotted line and text box dotted line” three kinds of dotted line of each kind of deletion is not quite the same way, here classified in detail to explain how to delete all kinds of dotted line in word.

word in the ordinary dotted line removal

Ordinary dotted line is the word of the most common dotted line, but also the easiest to delete the dotted line. To remove this dotted line, first select it. Place the mouse on the left side of the dotted line, when the mouse arrow becomes tilted to the right when clicking the mouse can be selected. Selected after the dotted line will have a dark background, and then press the keyboard [Delete] key to delete the dotted line, convenient and quick.

word in the form of a dotted line in the deletion

The form of a dotted line in the deletion method is different from the ordinary dotted line, there are mainly two common methods. The first step of the operation of these two methods is the same, are first click on the form of the upper-left corner of the cross icon to select the form. The first method is to select the form, in the pop-up activities inside the toolbar, select the “border icon” and in its drop-down menu, select “no line”. The second method is in the selected form, click the “Design” tab, in which the “Border” option in the drop-down menu select “no border”.

word in the text box to remove the dotted line

word in the text box to remove the dotted line there are two similar but different methods, the premise of the two methods are also to click and select the text box. The first method is in the pop-up activity toolbar, select the “border” option and select “no outline” in its drop-down menu. The second method is to select the text box, click the “Format” tab, and then in the “Shape Styles” option, select “Shape Outline” in the drop-down menu of the “No outline” to remove the text box dotted line.

Remove the dotted lines from word three line table

1, find the Word document on your computer and click to open it, click on the Insert Table button, click on the table and insert a 3×3 table.

2, select all tables, right-click in the pop-up page click on the border and background.

3, in the pop-up page click on the vertical lines to remove the button and click OK. As shown in the figure below.

4, select the form, open the border and background, in the pop-up page to change the line data to 1.5 pounds thick, select the top and bottom of the line, as shown in the following chart.

5, in the pop-up page, select the table header at the top of the form and the first column of data, right-click to open the border and background.

6, in the pop-up page, select the line for 1.0 thick, click the center horizontal line and click OK, as shown in the following figure.

7, set up successfully to see the results.

Table dotted lines how to get rid of

Question 1: EXCEL table in these dotted lines is what is the case ah? How to get rid of them? Remove the checkmark from the picture below

Question 2: How do you get rid of the dotted lines inside an EXCEL table? know, is that you set the page format, the content of the form will be set by you to page one page by page margins to page, you can point to print preview to see, the display is definitely a page only show this dotted line box inside the content, you can adjust the margins to change! in the editing process, this dotted line is always there, there is no way to cancel out

Question three: how to clear the word form around the dotted line for example, above the form of the blue dotted line around the table is the form to go out of the border, and the display of the grid line, remove the method:

1, select the form;

2, click the form of the Layout – – View Grid Lines button;

2, the form of the layout of the – – View Grid Lines button;

2, the form of the layout of the – – – View Grid Lines button. -View grid lines button;

3, set the effect as shown.

Question 4: word in the table below the dotted line how to get rid of it?5 points to remove the imaginary box in WORD there are the following cases:

1, for the imaginary box in the need to not display on the OK solution:

Select the need to remove the text of the imaginary box —- select the menu in the ” Form” —- select “Hide false box”

2, completely remove the false box in WORD:

Solution 1:

Select the need to remove the false box of text —- select the menu “form “—- choose” Convert “—-” table into text “

Solution 2:

Select the need to remove the text of the dummy box —- choose “Format” in the “Style and Formatting” —- select “Clear Formatting”

Question 5: How to remove the word form dotted line if the table, click “Form” – “Convert” – “Form to Text”; if it is the border of the paragraph, click “Format “-” border and background “to cancel the paragraph border on the line.

Question 6: Why is there a dotted line in the excel spreadsheet, how to remove if the dotted line is drawn, then select and delete directly on it. If it is not drawn, then it should be set up to print the area, cancel to set up the print area can be.

Select the dotted line within the range of the cell area, the menu bar “Page Layout”, “Print Area”, “Cancel Print Area”.

Question 7: How to cancel a dotted line in the middle of excel. This is what you clicked on the print preview appears, you close and re-open it is gone

Question 8: How to remove the blue dotted line in the excel table? The blue dotted line you are talking about should be in the state of paging preview, paging dotted line it, if it is exactly in the middle of the merged cell, you can move the mouse to the dotted line, point the left button to move up. View original post>>

Question 9: EXCEL form how to remove the original dotted line that is the default can not be selected to remove the regional

You if you want to do so, you can first remove all of them, and then to get a range of the range of the Department of the range of you all gray lines or black instead of the original default dotted line in the range of the words without the use of lines, it looks natural that there is no line. It looks natural that there is no dotted line ah

Question 10: How can the Excel form to send those dotted lines to hide it? Tools – View – grid lines to remove the check can be