How to turn off the firewall on Huawei computers

Huawei laptop has been prompted to pay attention to the firewall settings

1, we first use the mouse to click on the computer’s start menu, is the icon in the lower left corner, and then click on the control panel tools inside, click on the control panel window can pop up.

2, in the pop-up Control Panel window, we see a lot of icons inside the function can be used, we need to find this time is the Security Center, click on the click on the inside there is an option for windows firewall click to select.

3, we clicked on it, a new window pops up and then in the settings, we see the window has an option called Close, we choose to close the option click, and then save to close the window can be.

How to turn off the firewall on Huawei makebookD14 computer?

Open the security center, there are firewall settings, directly turn off.