how to type out word table downward slash

How to draw a slash in word table

This video demonstrates the model: assembled desktop, applicable system: Windows 10 Home Chinese, software version: Word2019;

First of all, open the Word document;

Method one

Left mouse button mouse positioning in the need to draw slash in the cell, in the The appearance of the [Form Tools] tab left-click [Design]; then left-click the border drop-down button, select the diagonal line or diagonal line;

Method two

Left-click the [Insert] tab in the [Forms]; and then point to the [Draw Forms]; the left mouse button shape into the appearance of a pen in the need to draw diagonal form of the cell, from one corner to another corner of the drag! can draw a diagonal line.

Word how to add a slash in the table?

Word in the table to add a slash in the steps are as follows:

Applicable software: Word2016 software and other versions of word software


1, open Word software, create a new blank document.

2, in turn, click Insert tab – Forms, draw a table in the document, as shown.

3, enter the header text in the form, as shown.

4, select the above text, adjust the slider position, you need to drag the slider with the mouse.

5, and then click the cell with the mouse.

6, open the Design tab above, as shown.

7, click on the pop-up list of options as shown, click on the border button to open the border selection menu.

8, in the border selection menu to find the diagonal bottom line.

9, so that the selection of the cell will appear slash, become a slash table header effect, in fact, add a table header slash there are many ways to think for yourself.

word form slash

How to slash in word form?

1, open word, a new blank word;

2, click on the menu bar in the Insert, to create a form;

3, the cursor will be placed in the space you want to join the line, click on the top of the form properties, the drop-down menu, select the diagonal downward line;

4 First, directly enter a paragraph of text, and then click on the top of the right, knock down the carriage return;

5, continue to enter the text, and then select the left, with a slash on the form to create a good.

word form how to draw a slash

Put the mouse on the grid to draw a slash, click on the menu “Forms & gt;; Drawing Forms”, in the pop-up drawing window that you can choose to draw what the frame line, the slash is drawn, try it

There are generally three ways to draw a slash in Word:

Word draws a slash form:

There are generally three ways:

There are also a few ways to draw a slash. /p>

1. Click anywhere in the form – [Forms] – [Drawing slash header], from which to choose a style and enter the name of the rows and columns. This way can only be set up on the form of the first cell. It should be noted that this method can be set up although many items, the operation is simple, but this header can not be changed with the change in the size of the form, and enter the wrong after the “Undo” will be very troublesome, it is recommended that the use of the “Drawing” toolbar “Select Objects” tool, select all the header box and then a one-time deletion.

2. Select the cell to draw a slash – right-click – [border and background] – in the right preview box below to find the slash button to click.

3. [Forms] – [Drawing Forms] – the cursor becomes a pencil, drag to draw the desired slash.

The last two are in fact the same nature, just generated in a different way. Slash will automatically change with the change in the size of the form, but a cell drawn in the slash can only have a maximum of two (diagonal cross), as for the “Draw” toolbar to draw a straight line tool, the operation of the same with the third, not to repeat.

world form inside the slash how to play


One, in the word form, click to draw a slash of the top left corner of the cell, select the menu toolbar “form” click, find “! Draw a slash table header” option, click. In Figure 1:

Two, click on the “Insert Slash Table Header” dialog box, the dialog box has five slash styles, you can choose as needed. In Figure 2:

three, for example, you chose the “style three”, you can add text in accordance with your needs in the form. In Figure 3:

If the cell is too small, the system may be automatically prompted by the far cell is too small and prompted not to insert a slash header, at this time, you click the “OK” button cells will be automatically adjusted and inserted a slash header successfully.

Click Word to generate this slash table header will find that the table header is actually a number of text boxes and two slashes together in the formation of a slash cell you can add the name of the form project.

Fifth, if you want to add a slash in all forms, you can right-click on any cell, select the “border and background” option, in the dialog box that appears, select the slash to the left or to the right to determine the slash can be drawn in so the form of slash. Of course, you can also add a slash in a single form as required.

Fifth, in the “Drawing” tool can also be added in the form of a slash, just a slash in the cell to enter text is more inconvenient.

Word in the form of how to add two slashes? Is divided into three columns .

In Word to draw a slash in the cell header, you can use the menu bar of the “Insert” tab in the “Shape” button, find the “Line” tool! can be drawn.

1, open the need to operate the Excel form, in the menu bar of the “Insert” tab, find the “Shape” button, click on the bottom of the drop-down triangle arrow.

2, in the pop-up list of shapes, select the “straight line” tool.

3, when the mouse arrow becomes a black cross shape, hold down the left mouse button in the upper-left corner of the cell drag animation out of a diagonal table header.

4, in the toolbar you can click on the black line button to replace the blue line, so that it is more integrated with the entire table color.

How to draw a slash table header in word form

Method one

1, “Insert – Form”, in the following square area can be free to drag out the corresponding form, you can also click on the Insert Form below, in the Insert Form dialog box, enter a few rows and columns, and then determine.

Method II

2, the cursor will be positioned in the cell you want to insert the header, the implementation of the “Layout – draw a slash header”.

3, in the Insert Slash Table Header dialog box, select the header style, enter the appropriate title on the right. For example, to do the slash table header can be entered, click OK after the pop-up dialog box directly and then click OK on the line.

4, it will be found in the slash table header text display is not complete, we can adjust the size of the cell, and then right-click the slash table header, select “Combination – cancel the combination”.

5, individually select the text box to display incomplete text, drag it a little larger.

word form slash how to get

word2007, for example, word form slash hit the following methods:

1, open the word document on the computer.

2, select only draw a slash of the form, in the menu bar, click on the form style option.

3, click on the draw slash table header option.

4. Select the desired slash and click OK.

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