ip address of linux virtual machine

IP address gone after changing Linux VM to bridged network?

When changing the network settings of a Linux virtual machine from NAT mode to bridged mode, the IP address of the virtual machine may change. This is because in NAT mode, the VM’s network connection is forwarded through the host’s network connection, whereas in bridged mode, the VM is directly connected to the network where the host is located, so the VM’s IP address needs to be the same as the network where the host is located.

If the IP address of a virtual machine disappears after you change the network settings of the virtual machine from NAT mode to bridged mode, it might be because the virtual machine did not get the IP address correctly. You can try the following to resolve this issue:

Check if the network settings of the virtual machine are correct. In the virtual machine’s settings, select the network adapter and set it to bridge mode. Make sure that the virtual machine’s network adapter is connected to the correct network interface.

Check the IP address using a command-line tool in the virtual machine. Open a terminal in the virtual machine and use the ifconfig command to view the virtual machine’s network interface information. If the virtual machine does not get the IP address correctly, you can try to get the IP address using the dhclient command, for example:


Where eth0 is the name of the virtual machine’s network interface.

Check that the host’s network settings are correct. If the virtual machine is unable to obtain an IP address, it may be because there is a problem with the host’s network settings. You can check the host’s network settings to make sure that the network to which the host is connected is working properly and that there are no firewalls or network security settings blocking the VM’s network connection.

Restart the virtual machine and host. Sometimes, restarting the virtual machine and host can resolve network connectivity issues. Before restarting the virtual machine and host, make sure you save all your work and data.

If none of these methods solve the problem, you can try reinstalling the virtual machine’s operating system or contacting your network administrator for help.

Virtual Machine Linux IP Address Problem

Preamble: When RedHat was just installed on a virtual machine, the network parameters were obtained through ifconfig, and the general ip address was

Modify the ip of linux on the virtual machine is not the same as the setting

Modify the ip of linux on the virtual machine is not the same as the setting, this is because linux default is to obtain the ip automatically, so in every time we reboot the virtual machine the IP address will be changed, so it’s different.

VMware virtual machine linux how to set a static IP

Many friends are still do not know how to set a static IP VMware virtual machine linux, the next deep space game editor for you to bring the static IP setup method to share, I hope to be able to help you.

1Open the Linux system settings.

2 Click on Network and click on the Settings button.

3 Click on ipv4, check the box to activate.

4 Just enter the relevant static ip address.

Incorrect ip address after virtuallinux installs debian

Does the questioner want to ask “what to do if the ip address is incorrect after virtuallinux installs debian”?

1. Check the network configuration: First, make sure that the network configuration in VirtualBox is correct. In the VirtualBox management interface, select Debian virtual machine and click Settings. Under the Network tab, select the correct type of network adapter (e.g., NAT, Bridge Mode) and make sure the network adapter is enabled.

2. Restart the virtual machine: Select the Debian virtual machine in the VirtualBox management interface and click Restart to restart the virtual machine.

3. Check the VM network settings: In Debian VM, open the terminal and enter this $ipaddr command to check the network interface and IP address configuration, and make sure that the network interface of the VM (such as eth0, enp0s3, etc.) has been configured with the correct IP address.

ip address for linux in virtual machine? is the second url of the physical machine, is the url of your virtual machine itself. If you ping you are pinging the physical machine, ping to ping your virtual machine. If your program is used to access the local network, you use, and if your program is used to access another machine on the network, you use

All in all, the URLs you set up inside the VM software are equivalent to the IP address of the additional NIC in your physical machine.

This is a very good example of how you can use the VM software to access the network.