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What is China Mobile Jinan information center number?

China Mobile’s SMS number is +8613800XYZ500, in which XYZ is the part of your number that belongs to the area code to remove 0, and less than three digits to make up for the 0.

For example, if you have the area code of 025 in Nanjing, the XYZ corresponds to 250; if you have the area code of 0755 in Shenzhen, the XYZ corresponds to 755.

Mobile cell phone number SMS service center number is how much

Mobile cell phone number SMS service center number: 10086.

10086 customer service hotline through artificial, automatic voice, SMS, fax, E-mail and other ways to provide you with 24 hours a day, non-stop about the mobile communications business consulting, business acceptance and complaints and suggestions and other professional services. If customers have the need for communication, they can also call 10086 and press 0 to transfer to the artificial service desk; 10086 SMS business hall makes customers want to handle or unsubscribe from a certain business, just send the corresponding content to 10086.

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