linux ops interview questions

Linux Operations Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

Linux Operations Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

In order to help you successfully pass the Linux interview, I am sharing the Linux Interview Knowledge Questions and Answers for each part of the interview, I hope it will help you to review!

Linux operating system knowledge

1. What are the common Linux distributions? Which one are you most comfortable with? What is its web site? What does it say about you?

2. What are the detailed steps of the Linux boot process? How do I forget my password after installing the system?

3. Linux server system partitioning standards in the enterprise? (Hard disk is 300G, memory 16G)

4. One day suddenly found Linux system files read-only, what to do? Complete steps.

5. Installation of a system using a DVD CD-ROM installation, how to install 50 Linux system how to install it? Think about it.

6. Installed a Linux system using a virtual machine, suddenly want to clone a server, cloning found that you can not access the Internet, how to solve?

7. What is the Linux NIC configuration file path? What are the conditions that must be met to enable the server to access the extranet? What do I need to configure?

8. What software can be used to remotely access a linux server? What can I use to upload and download files?

9. What is the /mnt directory used for? What does the /root directory have to do with the root user? How is the /root directory related to the /boot directory?

10. What happens when you execute rm-rf* by mistake one day? Please give an example.

Linux commands and file manipulation

1.Create test.txt file in /tmp/ directory with the content :Hello, World!,write it out with a command.

2. Add execute permissions to the test.txt file in addition to the owner, and eventually write out the file permissions in numbers.

3. Edit test.txt with the vi command, how to jump to the end of the line, the first line, the beginning of the line, the end of the line, how to insert the next line in the cursor line, how to copy 5 lines, delete 10 lines, find the characters of the jingfeng, jingfeng replaced by

4. Find the end of the txt under the linux system, 30 days. Find the files under linux system ending with txt, which have not been modified for 30 days, with file size larger than 20K and with execute permission, and backup them to /data/backup/ directory.

5. Currently, test.txt belongs to user root and group abc, please make the owner of test.txt abc and group root and write the command.

6. How to modify the Linux boot level to character mode and take effect permanently, how to temporarily and permanently disable selinux and firewall, please write the operation method respectively.

7. Each boot in the /tmp directory to create a folder of the day’s date (Hint: the current date is expressed as: `date + %Y%m%d`)

8. How to view the contents of the file, what are the commands? View the file line 1 to 3, view the last line of the file.

9.Command to view linux server IP while showing only the line containing the ip is printed.

10. The command to add the regular user test to the root group is?

Linux disk and software management operations

1. How do you add a new 50G hard disk to a linux server system as a separate ‘partition that is being used? What are the steps required?

2. There is a Kingston USB flash drive that needs to upload an index.html file to the server /var/www/html/ directory, how to do it and complete it.

3. There is a removable hard disk with 300G of data on it, how to quickly cp to a linux server?

4. There is a httpd-2.2.15.xx.rpm package inside the CD, how to mount and install it?

5. Use the rpm command to install, uninstall, remove, and update the soft package ntp-0.7.12.x86_64.rpm.

6. /var/www/html/ is the publishing directory of the website, how to automatically backup it every day at 0:30 AM, write the operation steps?

7. Use the tar command to package and compress the /root directory, then move it to /tmp and set its permissions to read-only for others.

8. What is the difference between the yum command and the rpm command? How to install a package with dependencies using rpm?

9. How do you create a test.txt file with ok content every 2 hours between 6am and 12pm every day during the month?

10. Move files larger than 100K in the /usr/local/test directory to the /tmp directory.

11.Briefly describe the working principle and characteristics of the three operating modes of raid0raid1raid5.

12. How to view the processes occupying port 8080.

Linux Service Configuration and Management

1. Write down the two modes of operation for apache version 2.X and how each works. How to view the currently supported modules of apache and see which mode it is working in?

2.Linux nfs in the client can not be mounted, please write the troubleshooting steps?

3. Linux has deployed a dhcp server, the client can not get the IP, how to solve?

4. What are the common FTP software?Linux is the most commonly used?

5. How do I share a resource for others to access with a username and password?

5. How do I disable FTP with anonymous user login?

5. How do I disable FTP from using an anonymous user login?

6. Where is the ApacheWEB server’s publishing directory?

7. ApacheWEB server has several modes of operation, the simple difference between each mode?

8.What is the purpose of MySQL server?Can Apache and mysql be installed on a single machine? How to view apache and mysql ports and processes?

9. How to deploy four Web sites on top of the virtual machine, access to the domain name of

10. Assuming that Apache generates a log file named access_log, in apache is running, the execution of the command mvaccess_logaccess_log.bak, after the execution, the new apache logs will be printed to where and why?

11. We all know that the FTP protocol has two modes of operation, say they are probably a workflow?

12. Linux kernel boot, from which file to read the file system to be loaded.

13. Write down the common ports for the following services ftphttpdnssnmppop3, dhcp, nfs, mysql, samba, etc.

14.Mysql commands to create a database, commands to create tables, commands to insert statements?

15.Mysql backup commands?How does Mysql give root user authorized access to jfe with password,write the command?

16.Mysql forget password how to do?

17.Linux operations engineer are required to have what skills and professional qualities?


Just out of the NetEase Linux operation and maintenance interview questions (with answers)

1, Linux system, the user file descriptor 0 indicates ().

2, Linux system, an executable file belongs to root and has suid permissions, when an ordinary user lutixia run this program, the resulting process of the effective user and the actual user are? ()

3, which of the following commands can print the file (access.log) contains chrome lines to standard output ()

4, running on a multi-core processor Linux environment, if the critical zone is very short, and does not allow thread context switching, the use of which of the following mechanisms to meet the above requirements and the best performance? ()

5. What has many of the features of the C language and is also known as a filter? ()

6. In the OSI model, the HTTP protocol works at layer () and the switch works at layer ().

7. How do you get the return code of the last command executed? ()

8. The following description of network programming is wrong? ()

9, there are two files a and b in the current directory, execute the command “ls>c”, what is inside the file c? ()

10, the following commands can be used to view the default route of the Linux host ()

11, the following memory management mode, will produce an outer zero header ()

12, vsftpd service flow control parameters ()

13, processes communicate with each other in what way? ()

14. On Linux, for multiple processes, which of the following does a child process inherit from the parent process? ()

15、About Linux system load, the following statement is correct ().

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Old Boys Linux Ops Level 3 Exam Questions

1. A developer at a company applies for 10 days of oldboy normal user access to a server, how does this work?

Answer: useraddoldboy


usermod-e`date-d “10day “+%F`oldboy

chage-E “2019- 04-11 “oldboy20

2. Which file holds user password information for the current system?


3.Look in the /var/sync/log directory to find file wells that have been changed more than 5 days ago and delete them?

Answer: find/var/sync/log-typef-mtime+5|xargsrm-rf

find/var/sync/log- typef-mtime+5-execrm-fr{}\;



find/var/sync/log-typef-mtime+ 5-delete

4. How do I execute /usr/bin/ every 2 hours between 6am and 12pm every day in November?

Answer: crontab-e


5. There is a file nginx.log. Please extract the time (HH:MM),the file content is as follows:|-l[20/jul/2017:10:35:14+0800]|POST/audiosearch/search

HTTP/1.1|200| 54|-lDalvik/1.6.0 (linux;U;Android4,4,4;KonkaAndroidTV638


Answer: awk-F'[/]”NR==1{print$3}’/oldboy/oldfeng.txt

sed-nr’s#. *jul\/(. *)\+. *#\1#gp’/oldboy/oldfeng.txt

6. Mount the /dev/sdb1(xfs) partition to the /mnt/data directory and automount it every time you boot?

Answer: mount /dev/sdb1/mnt/data



7. Find the file Find the contents of the .log file containing the keyword “helloworld” and redirect the contents of the two lines above and below it to 1.txt. Write the command?

Answer: grep-C2’helloword’file.log>>1.txt

grep-A1-B1′ helloword’file.log>>1.txt

8. Use the command ll-a to display a description of the file as shown below, from which you can tell what type of file it is? Does deletion lose the contents of the file itself? (without regard to business associations)


Answer: softlinks do not

9. A file has read-only permissions for members outside the group, full permissions for the owner, and read and write permissions for the group, what are the permissions of the file expressed numerically?

Answer: rwxrw-r– 764

10.What is the total capacity of the new device when six 300g hard disks are used for Raid5?

Answer: 1500G

11. How do you implement the creation of a regular user user1 to have the same privileges as root?

Answer: useradduser1


user1 ALL=(ALL) ALL

Don’t have a password NOPASSWD: ALL

12. How do I assign permissions to the /data/logs directory to the web user and the users group?

Answer: chownweb.users/data/logs

13. A server has script with user permission 644, what command needs to be executed to execute the . / command


14.In order to be able to create a file in a directory, what must be present?

Answer: directory writable and executable

15.Assuming that you are a system administrator and you now need to add a new user account zheng, set the initial password for the new user, and delete the user account chang in a real production environment, give the command?

Answer: useraddzheng



16. How can you view the currently logged in users and know the account name you are using?

Answer: whoami

17.Write down the types of file systems (4 or more) that you know?

Answer: ext2(C5) ext3(C6) ext4(C6) xfs(C7) ntfs fat32

18.Batch create 10 users starting with oldboy with suffixes 1-10 and set their passwords to 123456?

Answer: for((i=1;i<=10;i++));douseraddoldmonkey$i;echo’123456’|passwd–stdinoldmonkey$i;done

seq10|sed-r’s#(. *)#useraddoldgirl\1;echo’123456’|passwd–stdinoldgirl\1#g’|bash

19./var/www/html/ is the website’s publishing directory, how to make an automatic backup of it every day at 0:30 am, each backup into a backup package generated by the date of time to generate different backup packages, write the operation steps.

Answer: 3000***/bin/tarzcf/opt/$(date+\%F+\%T).tar.gz/var/www/html/&>/dev/null

20. Give six partitions for the disk, give the combination of the primary, extended, and logical partitions. and logical partitions in a combined partitioning scheme.

Answer: 3 primary +1 + 3 logical

2 primary +1 + 4 logical

1 primary +1 + 5 logical

[Theory section of the written exam questions]

1. Briefly describe the characteristics and applications of raid0, raid1, raid5 and raid10 characteristics and application scenarios?

Answer: 0 data is not important, performance requirements

1 data is important, performance requirements are not high

5 common scenarios are in the application

10 high-concurrency scenarios, the data performance is important

2. Briefly describe the disk partitioning What are the partitioning methods and what are their main differences?

Answer: fdisk


Due to the difference in the type of partition table, fdisk only supports disk partitions up to 2T, and the primary partition can be divided into up to four

parted because it supports gpt type of partition table, so it can support more than 2T. Linux is now connected to a new storage (/dev/sdf, capacity 2T) an application needs to store 500G of storage space in the /data directory, what steps are required, please describe.

Answer: Step 1: fdisk /dev/sdf to partition

np default 500G

w save

Step 2: mkfs-text2/dev/sdf1

< p>

Step 3 mount: mount/dev/sdf1/data

Step 4: mount permanently

4. What is MBR and where is it located? How many bytes does it take up?

Answer: system boot 0 head 0 track 1 sector first 446 bytes

5. Briefly describe the relationship between primary, logical, and extended partitions when partitioning a disk in a Linux system?

Answer: When partitioning, you need at least one primary partition and at most four primary partitions

When you have finished the primary partition, the rest of the disk is an extended partition

Extended partitions can only have one partition, and they can’t be used directly

There is a need to create logical partitions, which is created on top of the extended partition

There is a need to create logical partitions, which is created on top of the extended partition

And when you are partitioning, you need to create logical partitions. created on top of an extended partition

Software Operation and Maintenance Engineer Interviews

Software Operation and Maintenance Engineer interviews will ask the following aspects:

1. basic operation: interviews and written exams will certainly be asked, the highest frequency of commands are: mkdirfindawkseduniqsorttailheadmkfschmodcrontablsofnetstatroutetcpmptar and so on. mkdirfindawkseduniqsorttailheadmkfschmodcrontablsofnetstatroutetcpmptar, etc. The main investigation for the latter parameter selection and format

2.basic services: dnsdhcpnfsvpnapacheftp working principle, nfs the role of the three modules, dns the name of the various records and the role of dhcp the four processes, the creation of apache virtual host (some interviewers will require the site to write configuration files), ftp active mode and passive mode

3. the difference between soft and hard raid raid various levels, the advantages and disadvantages of the various levels, the calculation of the size of the backup recovery, the maximum number of bad

3. The maximum number of devices that can be damaged

4. The compilation of the source package, the general process, what the system does

What are the common questions for python ops development engineer interview

Interview python ops development engineer each company’s focus on the examination of professional knowledge is different, the following for you to organize a number of them, I hope to help you!


1, python is strongly typed or weakly typed language

2, python’s dynamic in which

3, python’s namespace: the four kinds of; len() and other functions of the namespace

4, the difference between range and xrange. Talked about iterators

5, so asked how to implement iterators, then asked about generators, yield statements

6, the way to synthesize 10,000 strings in a list into a single string

7, python multithreading (gil)

8, is there a trinomial operator for python? How to implement the trinomial operator in one line of code


1, ask linux commands

2, what’s the difference between top and ps in the way they count the rate at which a process is occupying resources

3, and then it gets into page tables, memory management, TLB

5, linux filesystem: inode, inode What is stored, directory names, where do filenames exist