mysql installation conditions not met

Why mysqL can not be installed?

The processing method is:

1.Zip unpacked administrator identity run cmd (system win10);

2.Enter the command cd/dF:\mysql-5.7.19-win32\bin (this is the unpacking directory);

3.Input the installation command mysqldinstall, the problem Theservicealreadyexists, this is due to the previous installation of mysql and did not remove the clean;

4. re-run as administrator, enter scquerymysql, check the name of the service mysql, and found that there is indeed a previous installation;

5. p>

5. Command scdeletemysql to remove that mysql;

6. After that, continue the installation and it will work.

MySQL is a relational database management system, developed by MySQLAB in Sweden, and is currently part of the Oracle family of products.MySQL is one of the most popular relational database management systems, and in terms of WEB applications, MySQL is the best RDBMS ( MySQL is one of the most popular relational database management systems, and in terms of WEB applications, MySQL is the best RDBMS ( RelationalDatabaseManagementSystem) application.

MySQL is a relational database management system, relational databases keep data in different tables instead of keeping all the data in one big repository, which increases speed and improves flexibility.

The SQL language used by MySQL is the most commonly used standardized language for accessing databases. the MySQL software has a dual-licensing policy and is divided into a community edition and a commercial edition. because of its small size, speed, low total cost of ownership, and especially its open-source nature, the development of small- and medium-sized web sites in general has chosen to use MySQL as the web site database.

Win10 Home Edition can’t install MySQLserver5.7.19 solution

When installing MySQLServer5.7.19 or any other database management system, you can try the following solutions if you are experiencing problems on Windows 10 Home Edition:

1.**Check the system version:** Make sure that you Windows 10 is Home Edition and not S Mode.S Mode may restrict the installation of certain applications. If it is S mode, you can convert to a normal Windows 10 version.

2.**Download the correct version:** Make sure that the version of MySQLServer you download is compatible with your operating system architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) and bit size (x86 or x64). Please carefully select the correct installer when downloading.

3.**Using MySQLInstaller:** MySQL provides an installer called MySQLInstaller, which installs MySQLServer and other related components according to your needs. This installer usually resolves many compatibility issues.

4.**Check System Requirements:** Make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements for MySQLServer 5.7.19. This typically includes requirements for operating system version, memory, and disk space.

5.**Disable firewalls and antivirus software:** Sometimes, firewalls or antivirus software may interfere with the database server installation. Temporarily disable them during the installation process and then re-enable them after the installation is complete.

6.**Running the installer as an administrator:** Right-clicking on the installer and selecting “Run as administrator” can elevate the privileges of the installation process, which sometimes resolves privilege issues.

7.**View Error Messages:** If the installation fails, be sure to review the error messages provided by the installer. This will help determine the exact cause of the problem.

8.**Try a newer version:** If MySQLServer 5.7.19 continues to experience problems, consider upgrading to a newer version of MySQL that may fix some compatibility issues.

If you continue to experience problems, it is recommended that you visit the official MySQL website or community forums to find a solution specific to your problem, or ask the community for help.

Why can’t you install mysql

The installation files for Mysql can be obtained directly from http://www.mysql.com下载 by going to http://www.mysql.com下载 and getting the .zip package forwin32, and it is recommended that you choose version 4.0.20d. No details are given here.

After downloading the forwin32 installer for Mysql, use winzip to decompress it, and run setup.exe directly, and you need to pay attention to choosing an installation path, of course, the installation path can be arbitrary, and it is recommended to choose the C:\MySQL directory. After the installation is complete, MySQL is also complete. The default username is root and the password is empty.

After the Mysql installation is complete, please enter it via Start-Programs-Accessories-Command Prompt:

Record cdC:\mysql\bin and press enter to switch the directory to cdC:\mysql\bin

> At the C:\mysql\bin> command prompt, enter the command mysqld-nt-install and press Enter. If the Servicesuccessfullyinstalled prompt appears, you have successfully installed MySQL as a Windows service.

Click Start-Programs-Administrative Tools-Services, and you can see that Mysql is one of the many services, but it’s not started yet, so let’s start it.

There are three ways to start the MySQL service, so choose one of them:

Start it automatically when you reboot the machine

In the Services window, select the name of the MySQL service, and press the Start button to start it

In the Command Prompt window, type NETWORK. “window, enter the NETSTARTMySQL command to start it

When the Mysql data installation is complete, the system generates a database named test by default. In general, since this data needs to be accessed with the root user, from a security point of view, we recommend that you create a new database and assign a new user to this database to access it.

Since the default client side of the Mysql database has fewer features, it does not support the creation of databases and the addition of users. Other tools such as Mysql-front come with these features, you can download these tools to use them, and of course, you can add users and databases through the command line method described below.

Logging in to the database

The “Command Prompt Character” window enters,

enter cdC:\mysql\bin and press enter to switch the directory to cdC:\mysql\bin

and then type the command mysql-uroot- p, enter prompts you to lose the password, if you have just installed MYSQL, the super user root is no password, so directly enter the MYSQL can enter the MYSQL, MYSQL prompt is: mysql> change password

C:\mysql\bin prompt to enter:

Format: mysqladmin -u username -p old password password new password

For example, to add a password ab12 for root, type the following command:

mysqladmin-urootpasswordab12 create database

Format: createdatabase library name ;

For example: create new database shopex

At the MYSQL prompt: mysql> enter createdatabaseshopex; show databases

Format: showdatabases;

Note that it is databases not database Create new users

Format: grantallprivilegeson database. *to username@localhost identifiedby “password”;

For example: add a user test with password 1234, so that he can only log in on localhost and can perform all operations on the database Shopex (localhost refers to the localhost where the MYSQL database is hosted),

In the MYSQL database, you can create a new user by adding a new user named “test” with password 1234;

Note that databases, not databases, are not created. /p>

At the MYSQL prompt: mysql> enter grantallprivilegesonshopex.*totest@localhostidentifiedby “1234”;

With the above operation, you create a new database shopex and add a named test with all operational privileges to the shopex database.

Note: The above is just a simple Mysql command, if you need to know more detailed information, please refer to the Mysql related operations documentation.

The next step in the installation depends on what you choose as your web server, and it is recommended that you use IIS directly.

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What is error 1045 for?

1045 is generally an error code that appears when software fails to download and install. Download failure 1045 means download failure. If the installation appears 1045 error code, usually the case is that the previously installed software has not been removed cleanly, you need to remove all the residual files from the system.

What does 1045 mean

When 1045 error code appears, usually the case is that the previously installed mysql has not been deleted cleanly, and you need to remove all the residual files from the system.

Reboot your computer and reinstall mysql. When you install mysql, you need to pay attention to the fact that it is the second time you install mysql and there is an extra item Currentrootpassword, because the first time you did not install mysql, the password is invalid, so the Currentrootpassword is invalid. So Currentrootpassword is empty, do not fill in here, just enter the new password in the Newrootpassword box, and then follow the installation step by step on it.

After the installation, you can open cmd, go to the bin directory of the mysql installation directory, and enter the mysql-uroot-p password to log in, and if you log in successfully, the installation is successful.

MySQL installation was unsuccessful

It is recommended to delete it first, then reinstall it as follows:

Download the version: /4.1.html

Unzip, run setup.exe

The first thing that happens is that the installation wizard welcomes you to the interface, so click “Next” to continue directly and choose the type of installation. “Custom” custom installation, and then click “Next” next, appear custom installation interface, select the installation path: C:\MySQLServer4.1 (can be customized) point ” OK” to return to the custom installation interface, the path has been changed to the set path, point “Next”, ready to start the installation, point “Install” to start the installation, after the completion of the interface to create MySQL. After the installation is complete, you will see an interface to create a account.

If this is your first time using MySQL, select “CreateanewfreeMySQL.comaccout”, tap “Next”, and then enter your email address and the password you set for logging in to, click “Next” to enter the second step, fill in your name and other information, click “Next” to enter the third step, fill in the phone number, company name and other information, click “Next” to enter the third step, click “Next” to enter the third step. “Next.