mysql installation won’t open services

Why service can’t start after installing mysql5.6 on Win10?

There are several possible reasons why the service won’t start after installing MySQL 5.6 on Windows 10:

Default storage engine is not MYISAM: During the installation of MySQL, there is a step to modify the default storage engine. If the default storage engine is not MYISAM, the service may not start. The solution is to change the default storage engine to MYISAM during the installation process.

Misconfiguration in the my.ini file: There may be a misconfiguration in MySQL’s configuration file, my.ini, that prevents the service from starting. The configuration in this file can be checked to ensure that all configurations are correct.

Problems with system environment variables: If system environment variables were modified during the installation of MySQL, it may be necessary to check whether the path to MySQL and other related environment variables are configured correctly.

User account privilege issues: If the user account used to install MySQL does not have sufficient privileges, the service may not start. You can try to reinstall or start MySQL using an administrator account.

Other system issues: If there are no problems in the above areas, you may need to check if there are other system issues that are affecting the startup of the MySQL service. For example, firewalls, antivirus software, and so on may prevent the MySQL service from starting.

If none of the above methods solve the problem, it is recommended to check the MySQL error logs for further details on the problem.

Local mysql service can not start how to do


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1, as an administrator to start cmd, into the MySQL installation path under the bin directory

2, in the command line, enter mysqld –install command, enter

Success: Servicesuccessfullyinstall appears to represent that you have successfully installed

3. Delete the data file in the mysql installation directory, and execute the command mysqld –initialize to generate a data folder under the current path

4. Execute the command netstartmysql command to start mysql!

What is the reason why mysql service is not starting?

Open mysqlserverinstanceconfig, and then, click next, and then select removeserverinstance, after removing, and then uninstall the mysql program, after uninstallation is complete. Open DocumentsandSettings\AllUsers directory, there is an applicationdata folder, if not, it is he hidden, (Tools —- Folder Options —- Show Hidden Files), open the applicationdata folder, there is a mysql folder If you don’t have it, he’s hiding it. (Tools folder options show hidden files)

Go to mysql5\data and look inside the .err log, there will be a prompt.

1, may be occupied port

2, may my.cnf configuration of the wrong parameters

3, may not have the initial database

extracted file has a default configuration file (my-default.ini), but the default configuration file is not good, the use of a lot of problems, such as inside the Chinese character all garbled and so on. So you need to configure a personal default configuration file: in the unzipped path to a new file: my.ini, copy the following code into the code appears twice D:\mysql-5.7.17-winx64, which is my MySQL unzipped path, according to your own path to replace it. At this point, MySQL is ready to install.