Notes on Updating the Graphics Card Driver

How to upgrade the laptop graphics card, laptop graphics card upgrade considerations

Graphics card is connected to the display and personal laptop motherboard main components, it can be a computer system necessary to switch the display information to drive and provide scanning signals to the display, it can control the display of the accurate display, that laptop graphics card upgrade to do it? Notebook graphics card upgrade must pay attention to what details? The next let us come together to understand it.

Notebook graphics card upgrade driver upgrade ATI

1, we often upgrade the graphics card is generally upgraded driver, although the effect is not very significant but there is a certain amount of improvement, let’s talk about the ATI graphics card driver upgrade.

2, please check the version of your graphics card on your laptop, and then open the nvidia graphics control panel in order to assist → system information.

→nvidia→→Drivers→Radeon Driver iTunes.

4. Automatically detect whether your driver has been updated. Free choice of automatic detection → at the top of the screen there will be a plug-in prompt → tap to operate only.

5, after a short period of time will often appear your graphics card information, at the same time in the following will often appear your graphics card driver the latest version, tap the right side of the iTunes can be. You can also choose to manually check and search for your own graphics card and then tap Search.

Notebook graphics card upgrade driver upgrade Intel

→Tap the upper right corner of the technical support options→Free to choose their own graphics card search can be.

2, the game graphics card driver update iTunes. tap the web page below the game graphics card options, go to the free choice of their own graphics card driver iTunes can be, you can also iTunes plug-in automatically detect your graphics card.

3, iTunes finished graphics card driver, you can according to the relevant information to Intel graphics card upgrade, so the notebook graphics card upgrade has been completed.

Notebook Graphics Upgrade Notes

1, but the most important upgrade is the graphics hardware upgrade, the driver’s performance is mainly to improve a certain aspect and the effect is not very significant.

2, the hardware upgrade must be the user to purchase a new graphics card to replace the previous graphics card, it is recommended that the purchase of professional staff to install.

3, the graphics card driver upgrade will not significantly improve the performance of your graphics card, but only since a small part of the improvement of some of the original loopholes and missing. King’s Quest 2

What do I need to know about updating my graphics card driver?

Be sure to choose a driver that matches your graphics card model. It’s best not to download the latest driver, but to choose a slightly older one to avoid a lot of hardware conflict issues and to be able to use it. You should also be careful to back up your original graphics card driver to prevent the new driver from not working properly.