One mainframe and two monitors for online exams

Can a host computer with two monitors take the exam, can the background system detect it?

That doesn’t seem to work, because that’s not done by the graphics card, it’s a towing card or a computer sharer, you can go online and look up computer sharer or towing card! It’s on a pci expansion slot, and it’s still cheap, and it can be used as two computers (with another set of mouse and keyboard)! If you’re in the situation you’re talking about unless you use two computers! If that’s the case, the desktops of your two monitors should give be the same as well! (Since I used to do this at a computer vocational school)

Can I take the exam with one computer and two monitors and can the backend detect it?

Hello! This is not possible to take the exam at the same time, even if you use the software to achieve two programs running at the same time, then the IP is still one, it can still be detected.

The online exam a computer connected to two monitors will be found?

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Online written test with the question Baidu can be detected.

Several cases:

Specialized examination system can not answer the use of Baidu,

Restriction of the internal network ip can not use Baidu,

There are teachers to supervise the examination can not be used Baidu,

Examination system does not set up the function of detecting ip is generally detected not out.

After the computer is connected to two monitors, the online exam opens the hogging function, the two monitors can normally display the content of the hogging after?

Of course, thought you just a host. So the two monitors show the same content.