ppt text box do lace how to look good

How to make a slide lace

Lace can be some templates, paste it can be made. Production methods are as follows:

1, select the text box.

2, right-click on the border of the text box, select “Set Text Box Format” in the “Color and Line” tab, click on the line color drop-down box to select the last “with a pattern lines” in the dialog box displayed, select a pattern.

3, select the appropriate foreground and background colors.

4. Thicken the lines in Line Thickness.

On the choice of lace, the tips are as follows:

1, freshness, nature is the pursuit of modern urbanites, this slide lace border in line with people’s visual enjoyment.

2, enumerated red can always set off a dignified atmosphere, this lace border, giving people a very solemn feeling.

3, lotus flower border, lotus leaves, stars and dots, seemingly fish spitting bubbles, fresh and natural, and no lack of childish fun. This slide lace border, give people a sense of brightness.

4, cartoon lace, the integration of the natural environment, this slide lace border reveals a little, let people close to nature, enjoy the sunshine and trees to bring a sense of harmony.

ppt how to design a beautiful lace effect?

ppt there are many tools to draw graphics, want to draw lace, how to draw it? Here we will look at the detailed tutorial.

1, we first use the Insert menu in the shape of a circle to draw a small circle, and then copy a few more small circles, to make a row like the illustration of such a tightly connected small circle, here we can use the horizontal horizontal distribution, top alignment, to make the small circle neatly arranged.

2, and then draw a vertical row of small circles, as shown.

3, select the vertical row of small circles (in addition to the first small circle do not select), as shown in the figure, click Merge Shapes to select the union, so that it becomes a whole.

4, then the horizontal row of small circles is the same, select the horizontal row of small circles (in addition to the first and last 1 do not select), all selected, click on the merge shape to select the union, so that it becomes a whole.

5, and then more than one copy of a horizontal small circle and vertical small circle, as shown in the figure.

6, then draw a rectangle, pull the length and width to the right size, as shown in the picture. All selected, click Merge Shapes to select the joint. This time it is basically complete, we can replace the color as you like.

How to add lace for ppt background border

Select the text box, right-click on the border of the text box, select Set Text Box Format, in the “Color and Line” tab, point line – the color of the drop-down box, select the last item with a pattern line, in the dialog box that appears, select a pattern, and then select the appropriate foreground and background colors, OK, and then in the line thickness thicker lines! , and then OK on it.

Specific steps:

First, open the ppt software and insert the picture.

2. Then select the picture tool.

3. Then select the desired border to select.

4. Finally it is done.

How to add lace to the ppt background border

PPT is our commonly used office software, conducive to the effect of the show and tell, for the PPT background border to add lace as follows:

1, open a ppt, create a new slide.

2, click Insert, insert a picture into the slide.

3, right-click the mouse, in the pop-up menu, select “Set Object Format”.

4, in the pop-up properties settings tab, click on the “Fill and Line”, respectively, on the “line” “color” “Transparency” “width” “dash type” and other attributes are set, as shown below.

5, set up, close the Properties tab, you will be able to see what you want to see the background border lace effect.

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