Principle of microcontroller minimum system power supply circuit

Microcontroller minimum system schematic analysis after reading the novice can do it yourself

Microcontroller minimum system is able to run the least combination of components, although this over the microcontroller looks very simple, but the actual operation is not so easy, especially for some novices, there is no hand to teach, it is still a little difficult, but it does not matter, here to provide the minimum system of microcontrollers! schematic, so you understand each step, you can do it yourself.

One, the characteristics of the microcontroller minimum system

Microcontroller minimum system is composed of the minimum number of components of the microcontroller can work with the system, the most important feature of the situation of the system resources are completely open to work with other modules or build their own user circuit can be realized with any experimental function. Microcontroller minimum system of excuses for the design of flexible, it will be very convenient to use, so it is suitable for innovative practical activities, the following to see the microcontroller minimum system schematic diagram.

Two, the microcontroller minimum system schematic analysis

The above figure is the microcontroller minimum system schematic, for a complete electronic design, the first thing we need to do is to take care of the power supply module, the stability and reliability of the power supply module is the prerequisite for the smooth operation of the system and the basis of the 51 microcontrollers, although the widest range of applications, but in fact there are still drawbacks, that is, it is easy to be disturbed by the interference of the program to fly! Phenomenon, an important means to overcome this phenomenon is to configure a stable and reliable power supply module for the microcontroller minimum system.

The power supply module of the MCU minimum system can be supplied through the USB interface of the computer, or use the external stable 5V power supply, and the power supply circuit is connected to the power indicator LEDs. R11 is the current limiting resistor of the LEDs in the figure, and S1 is the power switch. Previous0/3Next