Spaces in the middle of words in word tables

Word in the form with a large space between the word, how to deal with

If the form is too large a space between the body, you can narrow the paragraph spacing to adjust. word2016 as an example, the specific method of operation refer to the following:

1, open the word, select the body and form.

2, in the upper tab, find the paragraph option, click the paragraph tab in the lower right corner of the small arrow.

3, in the spacing settings, appropriate to reduce the spacing after the paragraph to save the settings.

4, at this point you can see the body and the table gap narrowed.

inserted in the Word document in the form of letters, numbers between the text of space how to eliminate?

Select the form containing spaces in the region (can contain characters letters and numbers), point CTRL + H in the replacement of the contents of the search point 1 down a press 1 down the space bar in the replacement of the left mouse button to point 1 down again and again point to replace all.

If it is not a problem of space, it must be a problem of word spacing, you choose a normal spacing region double-click the formatting brush, you think it is a space between the word spacing brush to normal.