Three main features of the linux operating system

What are the characteristics of LINUX operating system?

1, openness: linux operating system to comply with the GNU specification, code sharing, easy to realize the system’s tailoring and customization of the development.

2, multi-user: system resources can be accessed by different users with their own rights to use, without affecting each other.

3, multi-tasking and multi-threading: different tasks and threads almost simultaneously and concurrently to deal with independent but intrinsically related to a series of events

4, device independence: linux operating system to all the external devices as a unified unified view of the device file, as long as the installation of their drivers, any user can be like the use of ordinary files like the same, manipulate, use these devices, without having to know their specifics. devices, without having to know the specific form of their existence.

5, rich network features: perfect built-in network is a major feature of Linux.

What are the characteristics of the linux system

1, free: a free, free, open operating system, follow the General Public License GPL, anyone who has the freedom to use, copy and modify the Linux system, do not have to worry about copyright issues.

2, security, stability: the stability of the Linux system is well known, the Linux kernel is designed to have high execution efficiency, high security and good stability.

3, the user interface: users can use the mouse convenient, intuitive and fast operation. After years of development, Linux graphical interface technology has developed a very mature, powerful features and flexible configuration of the interface, the user’s favorite.

4, network capabilities: Linux is superior to other operating systems in terms of communication and network capabilities, with the ability to connect to the network tightly integrated with the kernel.

5. Multi-tasking and multi-user: Linux is also a multi-tasking and multi-user operating system, which can support multiple users to use and share the system’s disk, peripherals, processor and other system resources at the same time.