Trigonometry Calculator Online Calculator

How to calculate trigonometric functions on a cell phone scientific calculator

Methods are as follows:

1, select “Computer”.

2. Enter the page shown below.

3. Click on “Science”.

4. When the page shown below appears, you can calculate trigonometric functions.

5. Enter the trigonometric function you want to calculate, such as cos(π/3)+sin(π/6).

6. Click “=”.

7. The result of the calculation will appear.

Expanded information

Trigonometry is one of the basic elementary functions, is the angle (most commonly used in mathematics radian system, the same below) as the independent variable, the angle corresponds to the final side of any angle and the coordinates of the intersection of the unit circle, or the ratio of its function as the dependent variable. It can also be equivalently defined in terms of the lengths of the various line segments associated with the unit circle.

Trigonometric functions play an important role in the study of the properties of geometric shapes such as triangles and circles, and are a fundamental mathematical tool in the study of periodic phenomena. In mathematical analysis, trigonometric functions are also defined as solutions of infinite series or specific differential equations, allowing their values to extend to any real or even complex value.

Online calculator to find angles using trigonometric functions

The calculator on your computer can calculate inverse trigonometric functions:

First, enter the value you want to calculate;

Tap the box to the left of “Inv”, and check it;

Tap another trigonometric function, and then the value of the inverse trigonometric function can be calculated;

How to calculate trigonometric functions with a calculator on your computer?




Here I take the calculator program in Win10 system as an example, click to open the start menu, find the calculator program, you can open the calculator application in the system.


Next, open the calculator program defaults to the basic mode, there is no function operation, click on the upper left corner of the “standard” menu.


In the menu list of items, find the “Scientific” option, you can call the scientific calculator mode.


In the next page, we can see that the sin, cos, and tan symbols have appeared, and we can use them to perform calculations.


For example, to calculate the sin function, we should first enter the number, and then click on the sin icon.


After clicking on the sin icon, we can see in the calculator program that the result of the calculation has been displayed, and the result is 0.5.


Clicking on the HYP button at the top of the calculator, we can set the calculator mode to calculate the hyperbolic function.


You can see that sin, cos, and tan at the top of the calculator have been automatically changed to sinh, cosh, and tanh, so we can begin our calculations.


It’s the same pattern as before, clicking on the numbers and then on the symbols to get the result we want.

Special note

The calculator program that comes with Win10 does not have the ability to calculate inverse trigonometric functions.

How to calculate the trigonometric function value of the cell phone calculator

Click on the cell phone desktop “computer”, turn the phone across, enter the trigonometric function that needs to be calculated, click on the [=] symbol can be calculated.

A calculator is an electronic machine invented in modern times that can do number crunching. Modern electronic calculator can carry out mathematical operations handheld electronic machines, with integrated circuit chips, but the structure is much simpler than the computer, can be said to be the first generation of electronic computers (computers), and the function is also weaker, but more convenient and inexpensive, can be widely used in business transactions, is one of the necessary office supplies. In addition to displaying the results of calculations, there are often overflow instructions, error instructions and so on. The calculator’s power supply uses an AC converter or a battery, and the battery can be recharged with an AC converter or a solar converter. In order to save power, the calculator are used CMOS process production of large-scale integrated circuits.