ubuntu install qq and wechat

How to install QQ in Ubuntu

The operation method is as follows:

1, install Ubuntu.

2, download wine-qqintl.zip. you may have tried to use wine to install QQ, but basically unsuccessful. The wine-qqintl.zip is modified by others to support one-click installation.

3, install qq. directly click wine-qqintl.zip compressed package, Ubuntu will use the archive manager to open, open the folder, you will see three “.deb” file, and then click on “wine-qqintl_0.1 .3-2_i386.deb” file, after a while, it will be opened through the Software Center.

4. When the Software Center opens, click Install, and it will install automatically. Note that when the installation is finished, it will not indicate that it has been successful, but will turn back to the initial interface.

5. Go to Dash and search for QQ, if QQ International Edition appears, it means the installation is successful.

6, then you can enjoy the use of, after the start, will be minimized to the upper right corner.

How to install qq on ubuntu 16.04

Step 1: After we open the Ubuntu system, we will wine-qq. download well, right click and choose to extract here.

wine-qq download: http://www.ubuntukylin.com/applications/showimg.php?lang=cn&id=23

Step 2: After extracting, we click to open the folder, as shown in the picture.

Step 3: After opening the folder, we can see three zip files, as shown in the picture, we click and double-click on the last zip file, as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Then wait for a while, we can see the interface as shown in the picture, we click Install.

Step 5: Then we enter our root password and click Authorize.

Step 6: Then all we need to do is wait, after waiting for some time, we’d better reboot our system, then in bush, search for QQ as shown in the picture. Then tap on it.