Ways to let users enter their username and password

How to enter username and password in wireless network

1.Firstly, connect the line and make sure the wireless network itself is connected properly.

2. Enter your router’s username and password, and click on the Setup page (if this is your first time setting up your router, please refer to the manual and the router’s nameplate for different brands). Please change the login username and password immediately after logging in to prevent others from easily tampering with your router configuration)

3. After logging in to the background, select Quick Setup, and then click Next

4. Select the Internet access method: select “PPPoE (ADSL virtual dialing) “–> “Next”.

5. Enter the account number and password applied from the network service provider, enter the completion of the direct next step;

6. Set the wifi password, as far as possible, alpha-numeric combination of the more complex a little more difficult to be rubbed network.

7. After entering the correct password, you will be prompted to restart the router, select yes to confirm the restart of the router, restart the router can be normal Internet.

Why do I have to enter my username and password every time I turn on my computer? How to set it?

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Wouldn’t it be better to let XP log in automatically?

Step 1: Run the Registry Editor,

Expand the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] branch, and then double-click on the right side of the window “DefaultUserName”, then enter your login user name. If you don’t have a preset user name, you can add it by clicking “Edit ¡ú New ¡ú String Value(s)¡ú DefaultUserName” in the menu bar of the Registry Editor, and pay attention to the distinction between upper- and lower-case letters.

Step 2: Also in this branch, double-click on “DefaultPassword” in the right window of the Registry Editor, and then enter your password in the blank field. If you don’t see “DefaultPassword”, follow the steps above to create a new string value.

Step 3: Next, double-click on “AutoAdminLogon” in the right window and set the value to “1”. If you don’t see “AutoAdminLogon”, you can create a new one by following the steps above.

After you’ve done that, restart and try it again.