Web Front End Technology Track

Profile of Gao Tingyu (a young man who loves technology)

In today’s fast-developing technological era, there is an increasing demand for technical talents, and Gao Tingyu is one of those young people who loves technology. He is a software engineer, graduated from Tsinghua University, worked for many years in a famous domestic Internet company, and now works as a technical director in an international company.

Technical Route

Tingyu Gao’s technical route is mainly Web front-end development and mobile development. He has delved into technologies such as JavaScript, Vue.js, ReactNative, etc., and has successfully applied these technologies in several projects. He is also passionate about the open source community and often shares his code and experience on GitHub.

Work Experience

Tingyu Gao has worked in technical positions in a number of companies and has accumulated a wealth of work experience. He once worked as a front-end development engineer at an e-commerce company, where he was responsible for developing the company’s e-commerce platform, which led to a significant increase in the company’s sales. After that, he worked as a technical director in a financial technology company, responsible for designing and developing the company’s mobile app, which brought great business value to the company.

Technology Sharing

Tingyu Gao is passionate about technology sharing, and he has shared his experience and insights in several technology communities and conferences. He believes that technology sharing not only helps him learn and improve better, but also helps others understand and apply technology better.

Technology blog

In order to better share his technology experience and insights, Gao also started his own technology blog. On his blog, he shares his experience and skills in Web front-end development and mobile development, as well as his views and predictions on technology development. His blog has attracted a lot of attention and communication from technology enthusiasts.

Technology Community

What are the career paths of web design? What kind of work can I do?

Web design jobs can basically be categorized into two kinds: web front-end and UI design. The employment direction can be divided into: senior Web architecture, senior Web front-end engineering, Web design, php program. If you need to learn web design, it is recommended to choose [Darnell Education].

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web front-end, I am 22 years old, elementary school culture, want to go to the training course to learn web front-end, before have been working in the factory, online also checked a lot of front-end

22 years old to learn web front-end has a future. Because web front-end is very promising a job position and is now also a popular industry is only recently began to popularize the emergence of a position, 22 years old is just the career just began to develop the stage, many people 22 years old only began to graduate it, web development can be a good after the management route or technical route so two routes. WEB front-end development engineer course is completely focused on the front-end knowledge, comprehensive, in-depth and comprehensive, in-depth. WEB front-end development engineer course is completely focused on front-end knowledge, comprehensive, in-depth explanation of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery and other content, we have to see whether the training organization will be able to let us learn these core knowledge to the extreme. Click to test whether I am suitable for learning design]

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