What are the two letter keys for the copy and paste shortcut?

Computer copy key and paste key is which two keys

Copy shortcut: ctrl + c, paste shortcut: ctrl + v, the specific operation is as follows:

Operating device: Dell laptop

Operating system: win10

Operating program: document 2.01

1, first open a document As shown in the figure below:

2, the shortcut key ctrl + c can copy the target text, as shown in the figure below:

3, the use of the shortcut key ctrl + v can paste the target text, as shown in the figure below:

Frequently used shortcuts:

One, Ctrl + A- Select All; Ctrl+B- Bold.

II. Ctrl+C- Copy; Ctrl+D- Font.

three, Ctrl + E- Center; Ctrl + F- Find.

four, Ctrl + G – positioning; Ctrl + H – replace.

v. Ctrl+I-Skew; Ctrl+J-Align at both ends.

The shortcut key to paste is

The computer shortcut key to paste is Ctrl+V.

The “copy and paste” on the computer keyboard, respectively, is Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v, where the shortcut key to copy is Ctrl+c, and the shortcut key to paste is Ctrl+v. The right button of the mouse, click on the The right button will bring up the menu, move the cursor and click the left button to confirm.

Keyboard shortcut to copy: Ctrl + C (use the mouse to drag and drop selected text, hold down Ctrl. point C key, you can copy). Shortcut key for paste: Ctrl+V (in the position where you need to paste, hold down Ctrl and tap V to paste).

Shortcut keys, also known as quick keys or hotkeys, refer to the completion of an operation by some specific keystrokes, key sequences, or combinations of keystrokes, and many shortcut keys are often used in conjunction with, for example, the Ctrl key, the Shift key, the Alt key, the Fn key, as well as the Windows key on Windows platforms and the Meta key on Macs.

Other shortcuts on the computer

Currently the other shortcuts on the computer are: Ctrl + A (Select All), Ctrl + C (Copy), Ctrl + X (Cut), Ctrl + Z (Undo), Ctrl + Y (Recover), Ctrl + P (Print Settings) This shortcut is the Print Settings, the use of the frequency of can be said to be extremely high. This shortcut key is Print Settings, which can be used very frequently. It allows you to make some settings for printing, such as double-sided printing, printing page range, number of copies, etc.

Ctrl+S (save) everything to save, this shortcut is a very important computer shortcut keys. Ctrl + keyboard +, the shortcut can be the current page enlargement of 10%, very practical, who use who know. Ctrl + keyboard – the role of the function of the current page to make the function of the current page to reduce the 10%, to do the graphic design of the shortcut key must be used.