What do you mean by first-generation computer functions?

What was the role of the world’s first computer?

The earliest computers were used for military ballistic calculations of guns and fire table tests, computers, commonly known as computers, is a kind of electronic calculator used for high-speed calculations, can be numerical calculations, but also logical calculations, but also has a storage memory function.

The computer is generally referred to as an electronic computer, electronic computer (electroniccomputer) commonly known as a computer, is a modern electronic calculator for high-speed computing. Can carry out numerical calculations, logical calculations, with storage memory function, can run according to the program, automatic, high-speed processing of massive data. It consists of a hardware system and a software system, and a computer without any software installed is called a barebones computer. Computers are used as control systems for a variety of industrial and consumer equipment, including simple purpose-built equipment, industrial equipment and general-purpose equipment. Computers are one of the most advanced scientific and technological inventions of the 20th century, which have had an extremely important impact on human productive and social activities, and have developed rapidly with great vitality.

Its field of application from the initial military scientific research applications to all areas of society, has formed a huge scale of the computer industry, led to the global scope of technological progress, which triggered a profound social change, the computer has been spread throughout the general schools, enterprises and institutions, into the common people’s homes, and has become an indispensable tool of the information society. It is one of the important symbols of mankind entering the information age. With the proposed development of the Internet, computers and other technologies have once again set off a revolution in information technology. According to the definition of the China Internet of Things School-Enterprise Alliance, the Internet of Things is the combination of almost all the current technologies with computers and the Internet technology to realize the real-time sharing of environmental and status information between objects as well as the intelligent collection, transmission and processing.

What are first generation computers?

The first generation of computers was mainly used for scientific calculations.

The first generation of electronic computers (1946-1957) the main features of this stage of the computer is the use of electron tube components as the basic device, with light screen tube or mercury delay circuit for memory, input domain output mainly using perforated card or paper tape, large size, high power consumption, slow speed, small storage capacity, poor reliability, maintenance difficulties and expensive. In terms of software, machine language or assembly language is usually used; to write applications.

This time the basic line of the computer is the use of electron tube structure, the program from the manual hand-coded machine instruction program, the transition to symbolic language, the first generation of electronic computers is the beginning of the revolutionary development of computing tools, it uses the binary system and program storage and other basic technical ideas, laying the foundation of modern electronic computer technology.