What is the best screen pixel density to use

How much better is the pixel density of a cell phone screen

Pixel density, that is, ppi, theoretically beyond 300 basically beyond the limits of the human eye to recognize, feel the particles of the sense of

that is, the so-called retina screen

But in fact, the eyes of the human beings will become tricky, if you watch for a long time the ppi of more than 400 screen, and then turn your head and watch the 300 screen, although the same is not distinguishable by flesh. The 300 ppi screen, although the same retina screen is indistinguishable from the naked eye, you can clearly feel the difference. So, the theory is no longer credible today, the reality is that the larger the ppi, the better, never-ending. Of course, more than 300ppi screen can be completely called delicate, there is no doubt about it!

Screen pixel density up to how much is considered good

Now there is no longer any standard. It’s like cell phones before Steve Jobs was a firm believer in 3.5 inches, and then with the trend of the times, now instead the bigger the better. Resolution used to be…320p480P720P1080P2k, even Sony’s newly released cell phones have reached 4k. Screen density this Sony now also reached 800ppi. So in the past, now can still say how much before these words. But the future is a bottomless pit. Besides, if there are two cell phones the first one are kept in the resolution 1080p, pixel density as upstairs said 300ppi. the other one resolution is 4k, pixel density is more than 800ppi. generally people will pursue higher configuration, even if the display, resolution, pixel density, processor and so on are in the use of excess, no one will refuse. Of course both devices are priced the same.

Question 1: How many pixels does a cell phone generally use to take pictures? Currently, the mainstream 800W pixels are more than 1300W, which is very good

The specific picture effect depends on the lens of the cell phone, processing, etc., which will inevitably have a false standard

Question 2: How many pixels are appropriate for cell phone photography? Pro, now the phone at least in the 8 million or more, if you need to take pictures of powerful words, recommend that you buy Nokia’s, although the system is general, but the camera kills other machines

Question 3: How much cell phone screen resolution appropriate cell phone screen resolution the higher the better theoretically, in the case of a certain size of the screen, the screen of the high-resolution is usually get more excellent display effect. However, a cell phone screen is ultimately for people to see, not for professional instruments to test. For the human eye, the ability to recognize pixels is far from a macro lens such as a 100-micron, and when people look at a cell phone screen, they are not close to the screen but at a certain distance, and the greater the distance, the weaker the ability to recognize pixels.

The higher the distance, the weaker the ability to recognize pixels. Therefore, for the human eye, the high resolution screen may not necessarily be far ahead of the low resolution. 4K resolution is already the limit of the human eye, the resolution of the phone over

over 4G words is just a gimmick.

Question 4: How much resolution is appropriate for a cell phone cameraMy view is that it is better to focus on resolution than to look at the throughput of the lens, i.e., whether the lens has a large aperture. Most cameras for cell phones use digital zoom, so if you have a 16 megapixel one but not optical zoom, it’s not as good as one that only has about 10 megapixels but has a large aperture lens (e.g. F1.8) and optical zoom.

Question 5: What is the appropriate general resolution for app designScreen resolution: the number of pixels displayed on the screen, the more pixel dots there are in a unit size, the clearer the displayed image will be. The unit is px, 1px = 1 pixel point.

Resolution 720*1280 means that the phone has 720 pixels horizontally and 1280 vertically.

The mainstream resolutions on the market are: 480*800, 720*1280, 1080*1920 (the others should have been eliminated long ago and ignored).

Special note: the resolution here is not the same as the one we set in ps.

General design when we set the PS resolution: 72 pixels / inch

Question 6: How much resolution is suitable for the cell phone camera cell phone camera skills can refer to the following introduction:

1. Master the light and the mode of adjustment, try to avoid backlighting in the case of the shooting, some cell phones support the flash function can be an effective complementary The flash function of some cell phones can effectively supplement the light, but the effective distance is relatively short, suitable for close-up shooting when used.

2. Coordinate the hand grip and shooting posture, in the shooting, the right hand holding the camera aimed at the subject, and then use the left hand to support the right hand, to maintain a smooth.

3. Pay attention to the parallelism between the cell phone and the scene.

4. Some cell phones support many modes of shooting, so you can choose the mode according to the specific shooting scene.

Question 7: What’s the best pixel size for taking photos? Considering the post-processing, theoretically, of course, the larger the pixel the better, but mainly depends on your final purpose, upstairs if the data can illustrate some of the problems, if you just take pictures in general, out of the photo, about 6 million is enough, if you want to deliver the printing, such as product manuals, advertisements, and so on, it is best to be more than 10 megapixels, otherwise the printing effect is worse.

Question 8: What is the sharpest cell phone screen resolution? This is currently the clearest cell phone only 5.5 inches of screen resolution stems to 2560 * 1440 screen tightness 534ppi

is 1280 * 720 four times the clarity has not yet been surpassed

Question 9: the size of the computer desktop is generally how big? How many pixels is enough to look at the resolution of the monitor:

1920*1080 = 2073600 pixels (2.07 million pixels)

1280*800 = 1024000 (1.02 million pixels)

Get it, that is, with more than 2 megapixels can make the photo full screen.

In practice, it’s recommended to use more than 5 megapixels or more, as the photos will be more detailed.

Question 10: How many pixels are enough, with a comparison table of the number of pixels needed to develop a photo How many pixels depends on what you need to do. Headshots, inch photos, art photos, advertising, all different. Nowadays, you can usually develop photos from cell phone photos.

What is the cell phone screen resolution is considered the most clear?

The cell phone screen resolution of 1920 * 1080, it has reached the screen technology in the HD standard. But there are also some cell phones whose resolution is already close to 1920*1080 but not yet 1920*1080, also known as HD screens.

As of January 2020, the sharpest cell phone screen resolution is the 4K screen, with a horizontal clarity of 3840, a vertical clarity of 2160, an aspect ratio of 16:9, and a total of about 8.3 million pixels. But the only one really on the market is the XperiaXZ (Dual 4G) phone from a certain Sony with this kind of screen.

4K is a high-definition display technology that is mainly used in the TV industry, the movie industry, the cell phone industry and other fields.