What is the username and password for the router?

What is the account number and password for the router login,

The account number and password for the login of the old version of the router is initially admin or guest. which can be viewed by the label on the back of the router. The account and password for the new version of the router are set at the initial login.

The specific instructions for setting the password for the router are as follows:

Method 1:

1. Connect the router according to the following and diagram.

2. Check the router management login information at the bottom nameplate, and write down the IP address, user name and password.

3. Open a browser on your computer and enter the router’s address: normally Enter your username and password in the pop-up login window.

4. Click Wireless Settings→Wireless Security Settings to fill in. Select “WPA2” for “Security Settings Options”, and then enter the wireless password for logging in to the network.

5. After setting up the above steps, remember to click the “Save” button at the bottom of the setup screen to finish.

Method 2:

1. Make sure you are connected to a wireless network.

2. Open the browser, enter the router address: normally subject to your personal router address.

You can enter the router settings page.

3. There will be a login prompt before going in, the normal default account is: admin, the password is also admin

4. Go to the wireless security settings, in addition to the option of not setting a password, but also appeared in the three encryption modes:

WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK – – General users have chosen this mode, this mode is more secure, can prevent the general network software to steal the attack

Expanded information:

Router (Router), is connected to the Internet in the LAN, WAN equipment, it will be based on the channel automatically select and set up routing, in the best path, in order to send a message to the front and back of the order, and then send a message to the Internet. to the best path, sending signals in a back-and-forth order. Router is the hub of the Internet, the “traffic police”. At present, the router has been widely used in various industries, a variety of different grades of products have become the realization of a variety of backbone network internal connection, backbone network interconnection and backbone network and the Internet interconnection and interoperability of the main force of the business.

The main difference between routing and switching is that switching occurs in the second layer of the OSI reference model (data link layer), while routing occurs in the third layer, the network layer. This difference dictates that routing and switching use different control information to move information around, so they are said to realize their respective functions in different ways.

A router, also known as a gateway device, is used to connect multiple, logically separate networks, which represents a single network or subnet. When data is transmitted from one subnet to another, it can be accomplished through the routing function of the router.

Therefore, the router has the function of determining the network address and selecting the IP path, which can establish a flexible connection in a multi-network interconnection environment, and can use completely different data packets and media access methods to connect various subnets, and the router only accepts information from the source or from other routers, which is a kind of interconnecting equipment at the network layer.

What is the login password for the router

The router’s default username and password are generally admin, and you generally try this username and password first

Generally, type in the address bar of your browser (of course, this address is not universal, which is related to different router manufacturers), and enter. This will bring up a login box asking you to type in your username and password. If you remember, just type them in.

If you forget, you’ll have to do the following.

On the back panel of the router, look for a hole labeled RESET, which is the reset button that restores the router’s factory settings. With the router powered on, use a toothpick or something similar and click on the RESET button for 5 seconds without letting go, then the SYS indicator in the front row of the router’s indicators will change from slow blinking to fast blinking, then let go of the RESET button, and then the reset will be successful. After a successful reset, you can log in to the router with the default router login username and password.


The router can be reset to factory default settings if the router login account and password are forgotten.

1, the router is powered on, press and hold the router RESET button do not let go, wait until all the lights on the router flashes, let go can.

2, first insert the network cable (bus) in the WAN port of the wireless router, use a network cable inserted into any LAN port of the wireless router at one end to connect to a computer network card, turn on the power of the router.

3, the computer to open the browser in the address bar to fill in the wireless router setup URL: (router back labeled).

4, and then enter admin default account name and password is the same (the back of the router also has the original data of the prompt) point OK.

5, click Setup Wizard, according to the different broadband settings enter the broadband Internet account and password.

6. After entering the wireless router setup interface, tap Wireless Settings, and then change the WIFI password.

7, the password is recommended to use a combination of numbers and English, it is best to use the @ symbol in the middle, so as to prevent others from rubbing the Internet.

8. Click System Tools. Click on the login password change, change it to the login password you want (to prevent others from logging in to rubbing the Internet).

9, after saving, the login password and WIFI password change effective completion, you can access the Internet.

10, if abnormal, may wish to click on the wireless router reset button, and then set the router can be.