Where to install Lenovo g480 wireless network card

Where is the wireless card for Lenovo G480 located in the computer?

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How to install Lenovo wireless card?

Method 1: Use Driver Life to install automatically

Method 2: Manually install the wireless card driver

The second method requires manual search and download and install according to the corresponding laptop model, which can be done according to the following steps one by one.

The first step: to the notebook brand corresponding to the official website, take HP notebook, for example, enter the [HP China] official website, click on the menu [Computer] support.

The second step: choose [Download Driver] – [Notebook].

Step 3: Enter the model number or product name of your HP laptop and click [Submit].

Step 4: Select the corresponding operating system and version, click [Submit].

Step 5: Expand All Drivers, locate the network driver and expand it, select the wireless card driver as needed and download it. When the download is complete, go to the corresponding download directory and follow the printer wizard’s instructions to install the driver.

Laptop network card in which position laptop wireless network card how to use

1, laptop wireless network card is generally installed in the motherboard PCI slot. To see the wireless card will have to dismantle the machine, generally turn the machine over, remove the battery, and then remove the screws will be able to see the card.

2, inserted in the USB port, like the Walkman WIFI and so on can be used as a wireless network card, these are basically plugged into the USB port can work properly. Inserted in the PCI or ISA slot, this kind of wireless card in the form of “card”, need to be inserted into the computer slot, install the appropriate driver to work properly.

3. The location of the wireless card on the laptop is as follows: Look carefully at the front or side of the laptop, and you’ll find a switch to turn on the wireless card.

4, first of all, the “wireless card” into the laptop’s “USB port”. Then the laptop will prompt the “device driver is being installed”, wait for the installation to complete the next step. “After the device driver is installed, wait for the program to be “initialized” to complete.

5, first of all, the wireless card into the computer’s USB port, and then the computer will automatically recognize and pop-up dialog box. Then click on the dialog box to run setuplnstall.exe, the wireless card will automatically install the program. When you are ready, you can connect your wifi. Click to enter your wireless password and then click Next.

6, first of all, the wireless card in the computer’s USB port, inserted will automatically install the driver (some of the early wireless card is required to manually install the driver, the current wireless card will basically automatically install the driver).

Where is the wireless card in a laptop

The wireless card in a laptop is usually installed in the PCI slot on the motherboard.

To see the wireless card you have to dismantle the machine, usually turn it over, remove the battery, and then remove the screws to see the card.

Extended information:

Note on the use of wireless network card

1, do not privately disassemble the card device, if there is a problem, you can contact the dealer where the user purchased the device, or call the manufacturer’s hotline directly for advice.

2, such as network card equipment in the use of the antenna, please pay attention to the light pulling and shrinking.

3, please do not use chemicals to clean the surface of the card equipment, can be appropriate with a damp cloth with water can be wiped.

4. Please do not drop the NIC equipment, so as not to cause the equipment can not be used normally.

5. Please do not put the equipment into the fire, so as not to cause danger.

6, please do not use the device in any flammable and explosive environment.

7, please keep the equipment warranty card properly.

Lenovo G480 wireless card driver

1, first check whether there is a wireless card. Right-click on my computer, click on Manage, click on Network Adapters, see if there is the word wireless, that is the wireless card. If you can not see, go to the official website to download a, open the browser, enter the computer’s official website, search for the model of the wireless card driver, click to download and install, usually after a reboot you can see.

2, Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Services – find the “WirelessZeroConfiguration” double-click it, startup type changed to “automatic”, service status changed to “enable”. “Enable”.

3, you can also use the driver wizard to check whether there is a problem with the wireless card. Download the driver wizard, install and open, click Detect, it will help detect the problem, and then follow the steps to solve the problem can be.