word form how to add a blank page

word how to add a page of blank pages

To word document to add a page of blank pages of the operation process is as follows:

Tools / raw materials: Lenovo Tianyi 510s, Windows 11, word document V5.8.32.

1, open the desktop word file, create a new file, enter the text on the document. .

2, the mouse cursor on the need to insert a blank page at the top of the page, click Insert, select the blank page. Or directly hold down the ctrl + enter key on the keyboard.

3, the blank page is added.

word document skills

1, fast navigation: when browsing a long document, you can use the scroll bar to scroll the document quickly, or use the shortcut “Ctrl + F” to open the search box, enter the keywords to search. In addition, you can also use “Ctrl+PageDown” and “Ctrl+PageUp” shortcuts to quickly jump to different pages of the document.

2, formatting: When editing documents, you can set the font, font size, color, bold, italic and other formatting as needed. In order to facilitate the operation, you can use the shortcut key “Ctrl + B” will be set to bold text, “Ctrl + l” will be set to italic text, “Ctrl + U” for the text is underlined.

3, insert elements: in the document you need to insert pictures, tables, charts and other elements, you can choose the appropriate tool for the operation. For example, the use of the Insert menu in the picture function can be inserted into the local or network pictures, the use of table functions can create a table and add content. In addition, you can use the formula function to insert math formulas and the chart function to insert charts.

Refer to Baidu Encyclopedia-word document for the above