word table double horizontal line how to adjust

Higher table header thick and thin double bar horizontal line how to set

Higher table header thick and thin double bar horizontal line setting method

In order to word in the table of the beautiful, we will be some of its modification, then how to set the table border double horizontal line it?

First of all, open a word document, insert the required form.

Select the form, right-click to select the border and background, in the border, select the double horizontal line can be.

WORD inside how to play double horizontal line?

1, Word2010 version as an example, first mouse over the place where you want to hit the double horizontal line, and then click on the page above the underline icon, as shown in the figure, in the pop-up box to select the double horizontal line;

2, this time in the document constantly press the space bar will appear double horizontal line underline;

3, or Click on the right arrow in the lower right corner of the font above, in the pop-up box to set;

4, in the pop-up box, the underline line type selection of none, and then the effect of the left side of the double strikethrough the front of the line to tick, and then click on the following OK;

5, this time, in the document constantly press the space bar will be the emergence of the double horizontal line of the deletion of the line, with the just the double The difference is that this double horizontal line is in the center, you can choose which double horizontal line as needed.

Help: how to make a double horizontal line between the table and the table in word, as shown in the following chart to draw a red circle of the double line

For example, the table above the outer border line double horizontal line of the settings.

1, select the form;

2, click Page Layout —-> page borders;

3, pop-up borders and underlining dialog box, select the Borders tab, select the double line type at the style, in the preview area on the right, click on the upper, lower, left, and right side of the box can be, as shown in the figure.

WORD table why split cells after the divider is a double horizontal line how? How to set up a single horizontal line? Please specific operation. Thank you!

Points to its lower right that cell – right-click – border and background – border – Settings: customize – line type: select a single line – applied to: cells – preview: point on the border – OK.

word document insert form has been the default center is a double horizontal line, how to change the double horizontal line into a single horizontal line?

Did you choose a template? Or is not previously designed such a form, and then the system remembers such a style? You can select the form, in the extra design menu set the line type, line width and then use the border brush brush you need to modify can be.