word table how to remove the border

word table outside the box line how to remove it

Operating device: Dell computer

Operating system: win10

Operating software: WORD document 2017

1, open the need to operate the WORD document, click on the form of any area, is meant to be in the marking of the state, and then the toolbar to find and click on the “pen color”, in the drop-down option to select the box line color needs to be set.

2, select the entire form, and then click the toolbar “border” behind the inverted triangle button.

3, in the pop-up drop-down options, according to the need to click on the “external border” or “internal border” can be inside and outside the form of the border line color is set to different.

4, return to the main document, found in the word form of the outer border line and inner border line set to a different color operation is complete.

How to remove the box in word

1. How to remove the border in word document

Is it the border of the page or the border of the form.

If it is a form border, select the form, there will be a form design function menu in the function menu, there are form border settings.

If it’s a page border, do this, Function menu→Page Layout→Borders, select None, OK.

2. word document how to get rid of the small box

1, the space has become a point and box, the box is a full-width input space.

2, first we need to be ready to click on Tools, Options.

3, then we are clicking on View.

4, and then the formatting mark below the space in front of the box to remove the check, OK.

5, and then the need for space to generate the points and boxes are gone.

6, the last version is different, just a different location, but the function is still there.

word how to remove the border line?

1. If you need a border but do not show, you can select the form, in the “Start” – “Paragraph” – “Border” – “Borders and underlines” set to no border.

2. If the border is to be removed, you can use the form to convert to text function. The method is to select the form (only form selected), in the new pop-up “Form Tools” ribbon, click “Convert to Text” button, and then operate as needed.