word table isometric table how to set

How to set the table spacing is the same size

1. How to set the excel table row spacing is the same

To make excel cell row spacing is set to the same method:

1. Press “Ctrl + A” select the table, click the right mouse button.

2. Click the right button, select the “line height” above.

3. Fill in the required number in the box. If you don’t know how much is appropriate, it is recommended to adjust it to see how much is appropriate, and then enter the value, OK.

First of all, excel can not be like word through the formatting tools, a cell multi-line text spacing and word spacing adjustment, but can be achieved indirectly through the following three ways:

1, to adjust the spacing: forced line method, that is, double-click on the cell, at the end of the first line of text hold down the “ALT key”, and then press the Enter key, you can increase the blank line, repeat, it will increase a blank line. Adjust the word spacing: only with the “space bar” approach to achieve.

2, vertically dispersed alignment and adjust the line height, horizontally dispersed alignment and adjust the width of the column to achieve a similar effect.

3, this method can only set the line spacing:

In Excel2003, select the need to set the line spacing of the cell, click the “Format” menu, select the “Pinyin Guide / Show or Hide “, you can see the cell text line spacing has become larger. If you want to further adjust the line spacing, you can click the “Format” menu, select “Pinyin Guide / Settings” to open the “Pinyin Properties” window, switch to “Font” tab, set the font size a little larger, determine the line spacing will increase accordingly, and vice versa.

2. How to excel inside the table distance to adjust the width, and each line is the same width

As long as the setting of the line spacing when the value set to the same can be, the specific steps are as follows:

Required materials: computer, Excel

1, after opening a file! Select one of the cells, and then move the cursor to the cell boundaries, the appearance of dotted lines when moving the company border to adjust the line height.

2, select the line before adjusting the height of the line after clicking the left mouse button to select the [line height] inside the number is the current line height.

3, and then select the entire document, right-click again and select [line height] to just see the number of input can be.

3.WORD how to get the same size form

Materials/Tools: word2010

1, open word2010 document, the document form needs to be set is the number of rows of all the selected.

2, after the selection is complete, right-click the mouse, in the drop-down list to find the table properties.

3, enter the table properties settings interface, in the navigation bar to find the cell settings.

4, in the cell below the specific settings to find the size settings, click on the specified width, set the appropriate value can be.

5, if you want to further settings, you can set the box in the lower right corner of the click on the option.

6, the cell options in the cell margins, up and down the left and right spacing settings.

WORD, insert the table how to make the word in the middle of the table (up and down spacing)

1, the need to edit the document click to open.

2, after opening the Insert to find the form, and use the mouse to select the need to draw the form.

3, after drawing a good form will be selected, right-click, select the cell alignment.

4, and then in the cell alignment sub-menu inside the selection of horizontal center.

5, so you can make the form inside the word in the middle of the table.

How to make word inside the form of text distance from the top and bottom of the grid spacing

Select the first line, right-click, select “cell alignment” select the middle of one.

Word “spaced apart, the same length” how to operate

The problem is not clearly described, can only guess the answer.

If you want to make the text of multiple lines of the same length, select these lines of text, format – paragraph, alignment: scattered alignment;

If in the form, then select these cells, the same operation;

If you want to control the length, one can add the text to a column in the form, adjust the form of to a column within the table, adjust the column width of the table; the second is that you can adjust the left and right indentation of the page (Format – Paragraph, adjust the left and right indentation can be).