word table number sorting how to get

word form how to pull the serial number 123

Word form to pull the serial number 123 method is as follows:

Tools: Mechanical Revolution S3Pro, Windows 10, Word2021.

1, open the Word form, select the form needs to be filled with the serial number of the cell column.

2, click the menu bar on the “Start – Paragraph – No.”, pull down and select 123 serial number.

3, the form of selected cells filled with 123 serial number.

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How to sort Word document table data

After inserting a table in a Word document, you can sort the data in the table according to certain rules.

Open Word, create a blank document.

Click [Insert]-[Table] to insert a table.

Enter data and text in the table, such as a student’s report card.

Then sort, for example, the students need to be ranked by how high their total scores are. With the cursor placed in the table, click [Layout] – [Sort].

In the window that opens, [Main Keywords] select [Total Score], [Type] select Numbers, [Use] for the default [Number of Paragraphs], press [Descending Order].

Click [OK], you can complete the sorting, directly in the ranking from top to bottom to enter the serial number.

word form serial number how to automatically sort 123

1, click on the top of the sorting function. Check the number sorting function. Serial number 1 will be sorted out, move the cursor to the next form. Click on the sort function and it will be sorted according to the number of the previous table.

2, first of all, create a new word, point to the upper left corner of the circle (office button), point options. Then in this “common” inside, click on “language settings”. In the open dialog box, the left side of the language column to find the “Korean” selected, click “Add”, will appear in the right column.

3, summarize method 1: set the number of first open the need to sort the number of “word document”, select the need to sort the number of content. Then click on “Start”, click on the “number icon” right drop-down arrow. Finally, click on the number for the “1, 2, 3” number can be.

4, first of all, double-click the word document will need to set up to open. After opening, you can see in the word document inside the small mark is Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ Ⅳ Ⅴ style, double-click one of the small mark. Double-click in the pop-up window after the selection of footnotes and endnotes options, click to select the entry.

5, open the WPS software, create a new blank electronic document, enter the serial number in the sequence. Below the serial number first enter the number [1], then click on the cell. Point the mouse to the lower right corner of this selected cell, waiting for it to become a black solid cross.

6, select all the serial number, and again into the [custom number] – [custom list] – [custom]. After the number] select [no special identification]. So that the serial number is automatically centered, and so set out the serial number will increase or decrease with the number of lines, automatically reordered, without having to manually edit again.

word form how to sort the number 1234

This video demonstrates the model: Dell – achievement 5890, applicable system: windows 10 home edition, software version: word2021;

Open the word document to be ranked, place the mouse cursor in the form to be ranked, click on the upper menu bar in the 【Layout】, select the data tab in the [Sort], open the sorting settings window, first set up the sorting of the main keywords, here select the comprehensive rating, [Type] to keep the numbers unchanged;

Then select the sorting method, here by the results of the ranking, so choose the descending order of the main keywords can not distinguish between the rankings, you can continue to set up the [secondary keywords], are set up, click on the bottom of [OK], the sorting operation is complete, click on [OK], and then click on [Sort]. After the completion of the sorting operation, select the ranking of a column of cells, click [Start] in the [No.] button, select [Define new number format], set the number format and click below [OK], you can complete the ranking;

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