word table quick sort number how to rank

word form serial number how to automatically sort

word form serial number how to automatically sort? Specific steps are as follows:

Method 1:

Step 1: Open a word document, click on the form to create a table, and then select the entire table, select it all.

Step 2: Selected, find the “Layout” above, and then click “Sort”.

Step 3: Click on the pop-up box, find the main keywords under the option, click on the choice of “column 1”. Then click the OK button below.

Method 2:

Step 1: Select a word document you have a form of serial number to be automatically sorted, and then use the mouse to click on the cell you want to fill the serial number.

Step 2: After selecting a good, in the toolbar above, select Start, and then find the automatic numbering icon to select a serial number style you like, and then click on the following custom numbering.

Step 3: Point custom number is to facilitate the choice of serial number style to make changes, the serial number of the lower right corner of the point must be removed, and then enter the “custom number” and then click on the “custom”.

Step 4: In the “custom number” list of number format to the lower right corner of the point of deletion, and then determine.

Step 5: After completing the serial number will be automatically inserted.

This article is based on Dell Spirit 5000 brand, Windows 10, Microsoft Office Word version 2020.