word table run to next page

word form automatically jump to the next page how to

word form automatically jump to the next page this is because the form is set too high a height, resulting in the page can not be put, so automatically change the line to change the page.

Word’s function:

word software can arrange documents, including editing text, graphics, images, sound, animation and other data on the document, but also can be inserted into the source of different sources of other data sources of information, word software can provide drawing tools to produce graphics, design art characters, write mathematical formulas and other functions to meet the user’s multi-faceted document processing needs, can also be automatically tabulated. Can also be automatically tabulated, can also be completed manually tabulated. Can produce various types of forms, including bar charts, line graphs and so on. At the same time, the word produced in the form of data can be automatically calculated, and to complete a variety of styles of modification, you can also set the header and font size, header and footer, charts, graphs, text, and can be arranged in columns and other functions.

Word form, not completed a page to jump to the next page, what is the problem, how to solve.

The main reason is because the form properties on the height and width of the improper settings caused by the following steps:

Tools / raw materials

word2007 version, computer.

1, open the computer to find and double-click to open word2007 version of the new working document;

2, double-click to open the word new working document, in order to demonstrate the late first in the document to insert a good form;

3, after editing the form, in the form of the top left to find and click on the cross-shaped symbols of the icon, on the form to select;

4, after selecting the form, right-click the mouse and select “Form Properties” command;

5, in the pop-up dialog box, uncheck the line below the specified height;

6, the same in the columns of the choice of the interface, uncheck the option to specify the height of the command to complete the setup.

word form a large blank content ran down the page

Part of the form or cell (part of the entire form) wrongly set a fixed line height, resulting in a large blank space across the page (this setup is suitable for handwritten fill in, the electronic version of the fill in the time will lead to problems)

[Solution 1] Check the rows near the point of page breaks (below)

Right-click, Form Properties, line, cancel the specified line height, check Allow cross-page

[Solution 2] form is placed in the paragraph, or paragraph formatting problems

Select the next line of the paging point, formatting, paragraph, dialog box to select the “line breaks and paging” tab, where there will be checkmarks are removed, click OK.

[Solution 3] below or near the blank space is a chart, table, this chart on the top can not be fully displayed, the system automatically adjusted to go below; you can make this chart above the paragraph spacing, paragraph before, after the distance are adjusted to some small, the chart, table adjusted to some small.

[Solution 4] You can adjust the page header and footer position, margins;

For the entire form of the method: open the form properties, form tab, text around the way there to choose “no”, confirm.